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Become a personal trainer Brighton

Working as a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. Helping people achieve a level of physical and mental health that they didn’t even think possible gives you an amazing buzz, a buzz you get paid for! The following guide will help you understand how to become a personal trainer in Brighton and the Sussex area and hopefully make your passion your profession.

Step 1: Gain the Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction

This is the minimum requirement you’ll need to work as a gym instructor. With this qualification alone you won’t be able to work as a personal trainer however, you need this as it is the entry requirement for a level 3 personal training qualification. You can not begin a level 3 personal training course without a level 2 in gym instruction.

Step 2: Gain the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

Once you’ve gained the Level 2 qualification you can start this course, which will qualify you to work as a personal trainer.

Most companies offer package deals if you sign up to both at the same time. At Storm, we offer course bundles that’ll save £100’s, plus with our Advanced and Elite bundles you’re more likely to stand out from your competitors…

Step 3: Pimp up your CV

To become a personal trainer and stand out from the other trainers out there you need to be highly skilled, knowledgable, confident and a great communicator. You can’t achieve all this just by opting for the fast track approach to your training. You get what you pay for when it comes to investing in your career development. If you want to a successful career with a good income you need to invest sensibly. Cheap courses will not only be an awful learning experience with very little support but you won’t qualify equipped with everything you need to make your niche in the industry.

As the late Charles Poliquin said, ‘learn to earn’.

personal trainer brighton

That is why we include a Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning qualification as part of our Elite bundle. Our Elite Graduates stand out from the competition and can also train professional athletes.

Continuing professional development

In order for you to thrive in the fitness industry, you need to continue adding to your CV. The more you learn the more you confidence you gain and the more you can help others.  Which is why we give our personal trainers access to a platform with over 20 additional e-learning courses to help them do just that.

Business skills

The thing that separates the biggest earning personal trainers from the lower-earning personal trainers is their business skills. Wealthy trainers understand how to build and grow a profitable business with systems that enable them to live a healthy balanced life. This is why our Advanced and Elite bundles include access to our business coaching program with a ton of resources, monthly LIVE webinars and coaching on how to build, a successful fitness business. You will also be invited to join our online coaching community where you can ask questions, share ideas and support with other trainers.

What career opportunities will these courses bring?

Once you’ve completed at least the Level 2 and 3 qualifications you’ll be qualified to work as a personal trainer or gym instructor and previous graduates have worked in gyms, studios, outdoor spaces client homes, and online.

As a personal trainer you could earn anything in the region of £25,000 to £60,000 per year (depending on where you live in the UK). You’ll also have the opportunity to charge an hourly rate. These typically range from approximately £12 per hour for starters up to £100 an hour for the more business savvy personal trainers. In fact, online trainers can earn in excess of £250,000 per year.

Our course bundles have been created with you in mind; they have been packaged together to provide you with the best value for money as well as providing you with everything you’ll need to make your new career a success.

Why train with Storm Fitness Academy?

If you want to become a personal trainer in the Brighton area our training options are the best nationally accredited courses on the market. Whether you’re new to the fitness industry or you’re keen to strengthen your portfolio we’ve got a range of training options to suit your needs.

Unlike other training providers, our courses are delivered by expert tutors who are actively working in the industry. This means that their knowledge is the most up-to-date and you really are learning from the best.

We do everything in our power to ensure you thrive in the fitness industry. That’s why we not only provide you with excellent training, we also look after you once you qualify. We offer many exciting opportunities to ensure you build a long and happy career without stress. Services we provide include guidance on your personal branding, business support, regular job opportunities, and even guaranteed interviews!

Are there finance options available?

Yes! We offer interest-free loans for any of our career pathways so you can spread the cost over up to 10 months. There’s plenty of opportunities so you can choose the best plan to suit you and your budget. We’ve also created a handy finance calculator to help you plan your repayments.

Got more questions?

No problem! We offer free career guidance for anyone looking to excel in the fitness industry, just get in touch via our contact form.

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A day in the life of a personal trainer

Can I be a Personal Trainer?

This is something we get asked all the time from our students and even people who are thinking about making the change to their career. We’ve all seen a personal trainer working with clients outside, in the gyms we go to, competing on reality tv shows. Is it really as glamorous as you think? I mean who wouldn’t want a job where you get to write your own timetable, look fabulous and have hoards of adoring clients?

The reality is probably pretty similar to how you achieved your incredible abs in the first place, careful planning, discipline and adherence to some ambitious goals. After all not many people are just born with amazing abs, I’ve had two children and they came out looking more like Sumo than Schwarzenneger.

Is there a typical day?

It is really hard to tell you what a typical day looks like, hour by hour because quite often no two days are the same. If you work for a gym or from your own premises your day will probably vary massively. Some PTs just have 1-2-1 clients, others take group classes as well. However you decide to manage your time it is a good idea to incorporate the following aspects.


Make time for your own training! When you are constantly creating plans for other people and spending your working life in the gym sometimes the last thing you want to do is train yourself. You have used up all your motivation on your clients. Afternoons are usually the quieter times so schedule in your training sessions when you have a gap between clients. Even a walk or jog outside will give you a fresh blast of endorphins to see you through your later clients or classes. Give potential new clients the opportunity to see you ‘walking the walk.’


Clients do not just magically appear as soon as you are holding that Level 3 certificate, unfortunately! This is where you need to put in the hard work. Never miss an opportunity to be charming and fabulous to everyone you meet. Every person is now a potential new client. Think about the many ways you can make connections, your social media platforms, think about free websites like Meet Ups, Gumtree, leaflet drops, posters on message boards. If you work in a gym get on the gym floor and mingle, just chat, say ‘hi,’ get interested in the members. Whatever you do put time aside every day to network.


Personal Training is a highly specialised, ever evolving industry. Never stop reading, attending courses, signing up for webinars, watching YouTube. Keep your knowledge up to date and fresh. Be the expert, stand out above the crowd. Invest in your future and the quality of the sessions your clients buy from you.


Put some time aside each day or each week to help others with no expectation of reward or payment. Maybe you notice someone in the gym with questionable technique? Help them out! Maybe there is an event you wanted to do? Raise some money! Set up an exercise class at a local care home, go dog walking for a local dogs home (wearing your branded t shirt of course!) Giving freely will improve your sense of well being and might just get you noticed.

To find out about becoming a Personal Trainer please give Storm Fitness Academy a call on 01273 613014 or email Or check out our courses page for more info.

How much does it cost to become a personal trainer?

You could approach this question with a simple answer, find out exactly how much it costs to enrol on a PT training course, maybe even work out your monthly repayments with an interest free loan over 10 months. You could create some complicated spreadsheets that will inform you how many clients you need to train in order to have the course pay for itself. However there are some other cost/benefits you might want to consider.

How to become a personal trainer?

Personal Training is an unregulated industry, there are various on line courses you can take which will not see you having to commit too much of a financial investment. As an employer I have interviewed people with just this sort of qualification and they have been incapable of executing a safe bicep curl, let alone being comfortable with talking confidently to customers. I’m pretty sure if you’re a regular gym user you have come across the self confessed ‘expert’ who is coaching anyone who will listen.

So you want to be a trainer but you don’t want to be that kind of trainer. You want to stand out, be proud of your achievements and your knowledge. What’s the answer?

Get certified!

Most reputable gyms will require a REPs and/or CIMSPA accredited qualification and to obtain insurance this is essential. The cost of courses can vary greatly, from extremely cheap on line courses to much more expensive class room based training. How do you choose what is right for you?

Firstly, clients won’t actually care about your certification. Generally YOU will sell your services, your ability to build rapport, set goals, get your clients to adhere to their program. How well you motivate and build loyalty will get your clients coming back for more. Think about a course where you can practice these skills, see if you can shadow another PT.

The PT certification is just the beginning of your qualification. Some training providers will farm you in, fill their courses to bursting. You can sit there passively, tired, disengaged, slightly irritated by the know it all at the front of the group. The PT training course should ignite a passion for lifelong learning to enable you to become outstanding in your field.  As well as reading from books and passing exams you need to accumulate tons of practical & varied experience. Go to classes, practice on your friends, start to develop your own personal style.

CPD courses are opportunities not just obligations. If you are a member of REPs it’s a requirement to commit to annual training, learning & development. CPDs give you a chance to further your knowledge,  make new connections, learn new skills.

How are you going to fit all this new learning into your currently over booked schedule? Sometimes it can seem unreasonable that you are eager to start but have to wait until the training provider can fit you into their schedule of courses which are sometimes run miles away from you.

Access to experts is the real benefit of an accredited certification. The course content has been collated to include current methodologies, based on appropriate research put together with a system for learning. By going through the process of learning a system and becoming competent to pass a test proving as much gives you a start in an industry suffering from information overload.

Sometimes the direct cost of something doesn’t always relate to the benefit you will receive. When you are considering investing in your education and your future it’s important you find the right fit.