10 great reasons to get more exercise

Every person that I train has their own idea of what they want to achieve and what their long term goals are. Whether it’s to improve running fitness, increase strength or improve general health most of us have our own motivations for training. If you have not found yours yet then check out the following 10 […]

Increasing your lifts!

Knowing when you should add more Kilo’s to your lifts can be a tricky decision. Your keen to up those weights but don’t want to go up one week to find you immediately go back down the following week. When you first start lifting you can probably expect a small increase each training session (those […]

Preparing for outdoor training

Training outdoors in all weathers has so many benefits. Once you overcome the initial transition from your comfortable home to battling the elements, you will be really glad you did. So much so that you will eventually find that you can no longer spend a whole day cooped up indoors – you will long for […]

Five commonly overlooked benefits of exercise

When we think about exercise we often associated it with weight loss. However, exercise has way more benefits then that. The following list highlights 5 great benefits of exercise that we often forget about. 1) Better sleep Those that engage in regular exercise sleep better than those that don’t.  Having a healthy sleep routine has several […]