As fitness professionals, we sometimes compare ourselves to other coaches. Be careful doing this because, as they say, Comparison Is the Thief of Joy. Be inspired by others, learn from them and gather new ideas but don’t use others as the metric to measure whom you are supposed to be. You are you, so be you! […]

18th May 2022

This week I want to remind you about a simple but effective training system called long slow distance training (LSD).      Since the introduction of HIIT and the hype that followed (cheers, Wicks!) LSD has become a little unfashionable! However, I am here to tell you that LSD training is fantastic and has […]

11th May 2022

Working on a client’s nutrition is not always easy. You can set calorie goals, use tracking apps, or focus on habit building as we teach on our level 3 diploma in personal training. However, some clients simply won’t follow your advice. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it.” This […]

4th May 2022

When it comes to face to face PT, if clients have paid for an hour, they expect an hour. I have been doing this job for many years, but I occasionally find I have under-planned, so the session finishes with 5-10 minutes spare. In these circumstances, I have a few options: Sit them down, review […]

27th April 2022

I have mentored hundreds of fitness professionals, and so many were holding themselves back, just like I did, because they were striving for perfection. When you are building your fitness business, you want everything to be perfect. It is good to have high standards, but it will never be perfect. There will always be a […]

20th April 2022

It is very common to feel a little down in the dumps on Monday morning. In fact, many people that claim to love their job still suffer from the Monday blues. It is possibly due to the natural come down after a fun weekend with friends and family. Whenever you do something enjoyable, there is […]

12th April 2022

Job satisfaction is an essential part of living the best life.  If you add up all the hours the average person spends at work, it equals approximately one-third of their life. That is why I strived to find a career that I would love and get more than just the financial reward. Sharing my passion […]

29th March 2022

I was once interviewed for Sussex Life magazine. Yep, name drop! They were ringing around local businesses in Sussex and asked me if I would be interested in an interview. Any publicity is good, so I pretended to look through a busy diary and then confirmed that I could just about squeeze it in! They […]

23rd March 2022

Last week I shared maxim number 10 with you: Give unconditional help As promised here is my final maxim for you. #12 Be yourself When building your fitness business, you might look at other fitness businesses for ideas and inspiration. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s an intelligent approach. However, make sure your fitness […]

16th March 2022

Last week I shared maxim number 10 with you: You are not just a Fit Pro As promised here is this week’s maxim for you. #11 Give unconditional help As a fitness enthusiast, you read, watch, listen, and chat about all things fitness related.  It’s your passion, and you enjoy it. People ask you questions, […]

9th March 2022

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