Boxing & Padwork | Head Hooks

Our last Boxing & Padwork article focused on the jab and the cross, now we are going to focus on hooks, particularly short range hooks to the head.   Why Hooks? Ok so little background on the hook first. As with all punches throwing some head or body hooks at a bag or focus pads […]

What is Pyramid training?

pyramid training examples

Pyramid training systems are widely known and are often utilised in resistance training programmes – but what are they? Well it depends which pyramid we are talking about as “Pyramiding” can actually be performed in three different ways 1. Ascending pyramids Ascending pyramids adopt a light-to-heavy approach, whereby each successive set is performed with a […]

Breakfast | Jamie Oliver’s Granola Dust

If you’re looking for a nutritious and convenient breakfast that tastes great then I highly recommend you invest some time into preparing a big stash of Jamie Oliver’s Granola dust. After seeing it on Jamie’s Facebook page a couple of years back, we decided to give it a whirl and loved it. I don’t know […]


A bad first impression will lose you more business than any other factor! Despite this – business owners spend almost no time time cultivating a great first encounter with their customers. I don’t mean a personal impression here  – eye-contact, firm-handshake, punctuality etc… –  rather, the far more important impression people have of your brand when […]

How to Shine as a Personal Trainer

There’s so much competition! Why would anyone want me to be their trainer? Maybe working on your communication skills, emotional and social intelligence might just be the key. Not all Personal trainers are equal However, successful personal trainers all have certain traits in common. It isn’t hard to picture this person. They are ALWAYS smiling […]

Is cholesterol good or bad?

First of all let’s just cover what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is a waxy substance known as a large lipid molecule which is produced and released into your bloodstream by cells in your liver. It is also found in certain foods. Cholesterol cannot be used by your body for energy, instead it is used for the […]