Handling client complaints

learn how to handle complaints

Customer complaints shouldn’t be taken personally. Instead view them as valuable customer feedback and always deal with them in a positive manner. Customers that are making complaints may be upset, angry, confused, even delusional, so to prevent the complaint from escalating it is important that a good customer complaint procedure is followed. The following is […]

An intro to Static Stretching

Static stretching guide

Unlike our dynamic stretching that we discussed in a previous post, static stretching is stretching without movement. Which does not make it the most effective form of stretching for warming up before a training session but it does make them very suitable for cooling down at the end of a training session. What are the […]

The ‘NUMBER ONE’ Healthy Habit

It’s not a coincidence that roughly two thirds of our body is made up of water AND two thirds of our planet is covered with the stuff. All living things need it.  If you are looking to adopt some more healthy habits into your life then drinking plenty of water is the best place to […]

The Million Pound Question

When we are trying to get continuous improvements in our fitness, whether its improvements in body composition or muscular strength, in order to do this we need to challenge ourselves and sometimes that can be tough. So, I like to use on myself and my clients a little mind tool I call ‘The Million Pound […]

Boxing & Padwork | Jab & Cross

After discussing the benefits of boxing & padwork, now we are going to focus on two particular punches ‘the jab and cross’. Your jab is your lead hand and your cross is your rear hand (also your dominant hand). They are the most commonly used punches in boxing for their long range, accuracy and speed. […]

Boxing & Padwork | Footwork

It is essential that before you begin incorporating boxing & padwork into your training that you learn how to stand correctly with good posture and where to position your fists and arms to protect your chin and your ribs. You also need to learn how to move correctly to avoid being caught off balance and […]