Last week I shared maxim number 2 with you: Nobody is truly self-made. As promised, here is this weeks maxim for you. #3 Take Action Research and planning is an essential component of any journey. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know how to get there. However, don’t spend all your […]

18th January 2022

Last week I shared maxim number 1 with you: We all need a strong sense of purpose. As promised, here is this weeks maxim for you. #2 Nobody is truly self-made. We all get by with a little help from our support network. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It took me years to learn […]

11th January 2022

As a trainer of trainers, I often get asked: how to be a personal trainer without a gym. I have worked in the fitness industry since 1999 and have only been a gym-based trainer for 10% of that time. If, like me, the idea of being stuck in the same environment for your entire career […]

5th January 2022

I don’t know about you, but I feel super motivated and excited for 2022. A new year always feels like a new adventure. It’s an opportunity to make it your best year yet. So to help you make 2022 your best year yet, I am going to share with you my 12 maxims.  Not all […]

5th January 2022

I often get asked what my book recommendations are. This isn’t easy because I have read so many, but I can certainly help give you some direction.  When I qualified as a fitness professional, I read everything fitness related that I could get my hands on.  However, you need to be more than just an […]

8th December 2021

Luis Souza is one of our Academy graduates and now a successful personal trainer. In this video, he offers some advice for any new and aspiring PTs.

29th November 2021

As a fitness professional, client testimonies and reviews are essential.    Looking after an individuals health and fitness needs is a privileged responsibility.  But before clients trust you with that responsibility, they need to be confident that you provide a safe service that will effectively meet their needs. Therefore, you will need to provide social proof […]

24th November 2021

If you want to join the 40% of business owners that are successful beyond their first three years of trading, you must actively pursue more business. As a fitness professional, you can predict and secure business growth using the law of averages. In fact, with all sales, it is a numbers game. Those of you […]

17th November 2021

Motivated clients want to lose as much fat as they can in the shortest time possible. But what does a pound of fat look like? The ACSM state that the maximum amount of fat that you can lose each week without the risk of muscle loss is 1-2lbs. Often clients will believe that 1-2lbs of […]

10th November 2021

Don’t let difficult clients spoil your enjoyment of your profession with personal trainer terms and conditions.When I began working as a personal trainer, I would get clients cancelling at the last minute, turning up late, or complaining that they had not lost any weight even though they had ignored all of my nutrition advice.I made […]

29th October 2021

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