Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral

Course Overview

Would you like to tailor fitness programmes to support those with chronic physical conditions or illnesses?

Then enrol onto our Active IQ Level 3 Exercise referral qualification.

This course is also REPs, and CIMPSA approved, enabling you to gain employment or self-employment as an exercise referral instructor anywhere in the UK. Alternatively, combine this course with our level 3 Bulletproof Business Course and build your own fitness business along with a successful exercise referral scheme.

Course units include:





Can I complete your courses from any country in the world?

Yes absolutely. We have trainers working with us from all over.

Is there any LIVE teaching?

Yes, every Monday from 12pm to 1pm (UK term time), I deliver live webinars. However, don’t worry if they don’t fit in with your time zones. They are all recorded and added to our webinar playlist, which you get access to as soon as you enrol with us.

What happens once I enrol?

We give you instant access to our study portal. Our portal is packed with videos, quizzes and resources that guide you through every assessment of your course. So you can start working towards your qualifications that day.

You will also receive a personalised welcome video from me giving you some direction on what to do first, along with some additional tips for study success. Whilst you work your way through the assessments, I check in on your regularly to answer questions you may have and offer additional support or guidance.

What if I have questions or need more support?

You can email, WhatsApp, or post a question in our online community. I get back to people immediately or at the latest the next working day. My communications with you are usually voice notes or video messages, so the support you receive is very personal to your needs.

How do you complete the practical assessments online?

It is super simple. You record yourself using a phone, tablet, laptop, digital camera. Then upload the mp4 file to a shared Google drive folder. However, I am only a message away if you need assistance.

Do I get support even after I qualify?

Of course, once you join Storm Fitness Academy, you are a member for life. I am committed to helping you succeed and achieving the same level of success I did and more. I am always in your pocket whenever you need me. Just message our community or me when you have challenges. That is what separates us from every other training provider. I am your main point of contact during your course and once you qualify.

Are there any entry requirements for your courses?
  • A genuine passion for health and fitness
  • Basic English language/literacy skills
  • As we work with so many different countries, it is impossible to translate all our resources into multiple languages. Therefore, we require all our trainers to read, understand and speak a basic level of English.
Can I book workshops and assessment days if decide I want some face to face coaching?

Yes, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can book any of the following workshops or assessment days for our qualifications.


If you require even more flexibility on dates, we arrange one-to-one workshops and assessments with one of our experienced and friendly assessors.

We also run additional CPD workshops throughout the year, such as Functional Fitness and Circut Training.
You can view more information or book your place HERE.

£44.75 per month