A day in the life of a personal trainer

A day in the life of a personal trainer

Can I be a Personal Trainer?

This is something we get asked all the time from our students and even people who are thinking about making the change to their career. We’ve all seen a personal trainer working with clients outside, in the gyms we go to, competing on reality tv shows. Is it really as glamorous as you think? I mean who wouldn’t want a job where you get to write your own timetable, look fabulous and have hoards of adoring clients?

The reality is probably pretty similar to how you achieved your incredible abs in the first place, careful planning, discipline and adherence to some ambitious goals. After all not many people are just born with amazing abs, I’ve had two children and they came out looking more like Sumo than Schwarzenneger.

Is there a typical day?

It is really hard to tell you what a typical day looks like, hour by hour because quite often no two days are the same. If you work for a gym or from your own premises your day will probably vary massively. Some PTs just have 1-2-1 clients, others take group classes as well. However you decide to manage your time it is a good idea to incorporate the following aspects.


Make time for your own training! When you are constantly creating plans for other people and spending your working life in the gym sometimes the last thing you want to do is train yourself. You have used up all your motivation on your clients. Afternoons are usually the quieter times so schedule in your training sessions when you have a gap between clients. Even a walk or jog outside will give you a fresh blast of endorphins to see you through your later clients or classes. Give potential new clients the opportunity to see you ‘walking the walk.’


Clients do not just magically appear as soon as you are holding that Level 3 certificate, unfortunately! This is where you need to put in the hard work. Never miss an opportunity to be charming and fabulous to everyone you meet. Every person is now a potential new client. Think about the many ways you can make connections, your social media platforms, think about free websites like Meet Ups, Gumtree, leaflet drops, posters on message boards. If you work in a gym get on the gym floor and mingle, just chat, say ‘hi,’ get interested in the members. Whatever you do put time aside every day to network.


Personal Training is a highly specialised, ever evolving industry. Never stop reading, attending courses, signing up for webinars, watching YouTube. Keep your knowledge up to date and fresh. Be the expert, stand out above the crowd. Invest in your future and the quality of the sessions your clients buy from you.


Put some time aside each day or each week to help others with no expectation of reward or payment. Maybe you notice someone in the gym with questionable technique? Help them out! Maybe there is an event you wanted to do? Raise some money! Set up an exercise class at a local care home, go dog walking for a local dogs home (wearing your branded t shirt of course!) Giving freely will improve your sense of well being and might just get you noticed.

To find out about becoming a Personal Trainer please give Storm Fitness Academy a call on 01273 613014 or email info@stormfitnessacademy.co.uk. Or check out our courses page for more info.

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