Wise words from Rocky Balboa

Yeah yeah I know it’s just a movie and Rocky isn’t actually a real person but I still love that guy 👊 I love all of the Rocky movies. They are the ultimate underdog story. If you have not seen them then make sure you add them to your watch list. Especially if you love […]

Using exercise to elevate mood

There is a lot of criticism being hurled at the UK government at the moment with regard to their management of Covid-19. However, I’m really pleased to see how much they are clearly valuing the importance of exercise. At the time of writing this, the UK is in “lockdown’.  The government have decided that the […]

Exercise and the brain

The brain is the most complex structure known to humans. Fully understanding how it functions, the intricate cross-connections and the impacts of external influences are, to say the least, complicated. Even for neuroscientists who have studied the brain for decades. One thing is clear though: physical exercise is extremely good for brain functioning and mental […]

Exercise and Day to Day Life

Being active is important in terms of managing weight and preventing certain illnesses. This isn’t a revelation. So why isn’t everyone taking part in regular exercise then? Everyone knows they should exercise, but it’s here where we have the problem: should. Exercise is often seen as something we ‘should’ do or ‘have to’ do to […]

Exercise and mental health

exercise and mental health

The parallels between exercise and a better body aren’t too difficult to imagine. If you go running four times a week, you’d imagine yourself to improve your physical stamina as well as lose a few pounds in body weight. If you train your biceps twice a week in the gym, you’d imagine over a couple […]

Gym motivation

Believe it or not fitness professionals will occasionally lack gym motivation too. Sometimes we feel tired and sometimes we feel a bit bored. However, what we have is the training and the knowledge that gives us the ability to change our mind-set and find the motivation we need. Where does gym motivation come from? As […]

Mindset and fat loss

At tomorrows Fat Loss Workshop among other things I will be discussing the importance of mindset for effective fat loss. As with the achievement of any goal, having the right mindset is vital. Mindset for Fat Loss Fat loss requires behaviour change, behaviour change requires motivation and motivation requires the following: The desire for change. […]

Move yourself happy

Move yourself happy - the link between fitness and mental health

The link between exercise and mental health is fascinating me more and more lately. When I think about the happiest times of my life they often involve physical activity. Particularly when shared with others. Country walks with my Samantha 🥰 Kayaking, hiking and climbing trees with my son Jayden 🤟 Dad dancing my girls Lyra […]


A bad first impression will lose you more business than any other factor! Despite this – business owners spend almost no time time cultivating a great first encounter with their customers. I don’t mean a personal impression here  – eye-contact, firm-handshake, punctuality etc… –  rather, the far more important impression people have of your brand when […]