I often get asked what my book recommendations are. This isn’t easy because I have read so many, but I can certainly help give you some direction.  When I qualified as a fitness professional, I read everything fitness related that I could get my hands on.  However, you need to be more than just an […]

8th December 2021

At Storm Fitness Academy, we give our trainee PT’s all the resources they need to become brilliant and successful trainers.   A coach A community A study portal   Training manuals   If they apply everything they learn from all of those awesome resources they will have an a great career.   However, they can’t […]

26th April 2021

According to the health education authority, 1997, mental health is ‘the emotional and spiritual resilience which allows us to enjoy life and survive pain, disappointment and sadness. It is a positive sense of well-being and an underlying belief in our own, and others, dignity and worth. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful? Just that definition alone […]

5th February 2021

I can be a proper geek when it comes to sports science. When it comes to achieving a specific performance goal I have the know-how and experience to programme that for myself or for anyone else. If you have a very specific performance goal i.e to run a 5km in under 20 minutes or to […]

21st January 2021

If you Google ‘personal training success tips’ you will get over 367,000,000 search results. Where do you start? The amount of information is overwhelming and varies from one source to the next. Also, the term success is very subjective. Success to one PT may mean making a six-figure salary, but to another PT it might […]

19th July 2020

The mechanisms underpinning the connectedness of physical exercise to mental health and wellbeing are complex and multi-layered. In a previous article, I looked at the brain and the physiological changes that take place. In this article, I’m going to discuss the psychological side of things and how the chemical changes induced by exercise, go on […]

17th June 2020

In a previous article, I shared my own experience of depression and how my daily walking ritual helps me manage my mental health. I have been convinced for a long time now that walking has a profound impact on my mental health. As I child I could never sit still and just wanted to keep […]

14th May 2020

In the UK one in six adults experience a common mental health problem every week and sadly suicide is now the biggest killer of young men. It is now more important than ever that we all have a better understanding of this issue that affects so many of us. By taking a proactive approach to […]

13th May 2020

Yeah yeah I know it’s just a movie and Rocky isn’t actually a real person but I still love that guy 👊 I love all of the Rocky movies. They are the ultimate underdog story. If you have not seen them then make sure you add them to your watch list. Especially if you love […]

2nd April 2020

There is a lot of criticism being hurled at the UK government at the moment with regard to their management of Covid-19. However, I’m really pleased to see how much they are clearly valuing the importance of exercise. At the time of writing this, the UK is in “lockdown’.  The government have decided that the […]

26th March 2020

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