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Our Awesome Team

At Storm Fitness Academy Ltd we care about your future and educational needs, and our tutors are not only experts in health and fitness but are also active in the fitness field. With our combined skills, knowledge and experience, we know exactly what you need to be successful in the industry, and maximise your earning potential.

As our qualifications are mainly delivered on a one to one basis we can tailor the delivery to match your learning style and make sure you get all the support you need during your training and after.


Whether you are someone looking to start a career as a fitness instructor or already working in the leisure industry and wanting to develop your skills, we will give you the qualifications and the know how to become a very successful trainer.

In fact even if you aren't thinking about a career change but you would like to learn more about how you can meet your own health and fitness goals, then our courses are for you.

Formed in 2012, Storm Fitness Academy Ltd brings together a team of highly experienced health and fitness professionals to provide you with education and training in all aspects of the gym and fitness industry. Our tutors are not only experts, they are also active in the fitness field. With our combined skills and knowledge we know exactly you need to be successful in the industry and can help you maximise your earning potential. The delivery of our training is designed specifically to match a range of learning styles and to ensure you get all the support you need during your training with us and after. If you are 100% motivated to succeed in the industry and have a long and happy career then our Elite personal trainer pathway will be ideal for you. It provides you with all the skills, confidence, knowledge and qualifications you need to work as a fitness instructor or a personal trainer. Additionally, if you are already a fitness instructor then we offer a fantastic range of courses to either provide you with complementary skills to progress your career and update your portfolio or if you are ready to take that next big step we can help you qualify as a PT. Our level diploma in personal training also includes business acumen and nutrition so you will know how to set up your own PT business and will be qualified to advise clients on nutrition and healthy eating. Please contact us today for more details on what Storm Fitness Academy can do for you. Why not join our member’s club newsletter?  We deliver motivational tips, advice and support for anyone aspiring to succeed in the health and fitness industry. Join today

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