When I qualified as a PT in 1999 I was full of enthusiasm but I didn’t really know what to do next. There wasn’t any post-graduate support. I had to figure everything out for myself which meant I made loads of mistakes and my progress in the industry was very slow. Although my CV looks […]

16th June 2020

These days building a website for your business is really very simple. There are plenty of platforms out there that are so user friendly that a complete beginner can have their website built and live within a few hours. However, not everyone knows how to build a great website, and a great website can be […]

13th June 2020

As a newly qualified personal trainer purchasing personal training equipment can be a real challenge, especially after forking out for your course fees and training manuals. However, there are some great low-cost items out there that won’t break the bank! So here are my top 5 Items Every New Personal Trainer Should Own. Personal Training […]

10th June 2020

As a fitness enthusiast, you will no doubt have found that exercise and physical activity in some shape or another have enriched your life. You may be so passionate about this that you now want to become a fitness professional so that you can help others enjoy the positivity that you have experienced. That is […]

13th January 2020

The heart is a muscular pump that sends blood around the body. It sends oxygenated blood to the body tissues and deoxygenated blood to the lungs . The location of the heart It is about the size of clenched fist and located behind the ribs and sternum, just left of centre.

6th October 2018

The autonomic nervous system has neuromuscular sensory organs that gather information and inform the central nervous system about the bodies position, muscle tension and muscle length. Joint receptors Located in the ligaments and joint capsule, info the central nervous system about the position of the body. Muscle spindles Located in the muscle belly and inform […]

6th October 2018

Are you looking to find a role in the fitness industry? Whether you are looking to becoming a class instructor or work as a personal trainer, here are the first steps that you can take. Do the research The first step on your path to becoming a fitness instructor is to do the necessary research. […]

25th September 2018

Creating great content for your PT business won’t do much for your brand, or drive many enquiries,  if it isn’t reaching the right people! Fortunately, there are numerous ways to find your audience –  here are three quick wins you should explore today! CONNECT WITH YOUR INFLUENCERS An influencer is an individual who has the power […]

20th August 2018

A bad first impression will lose you more business than any other factor! Despite this – business owners spend almost no time time cultivating a great first encounter with their customers. I don’t mean a personal impression here  – eye-contact, firm-handshake, punctuality etc… –  rather, the far more important impression people have of your brand when […]

25th July 2018

There’s so much competition! Why would anyone want me to be their trainer? Maybe working on your communication skills, emotional and social intelligence might just be the key. Not all Personal trainers are equal However, successful personal trainers all have certain traits in common. It isn’t hard to picture this person. They are ALWAYS smiling […]

25th July 2018

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