What is success?

three metrics to measure success

As fitness professionals, we sometimes compare ourselves to other coaches. Be careful doing this because, as they say, Comparison Is the Thief of Joy.

Be inspired by others, learn from them and gather new ideas but don’t use others as the metric to measure whom you are supposed to be.

You are you, so be you!

A classic one is when newly qualified fit pros assume that the most successful coaches have the biggest social media following. By all means, leverage your social media channels to increase your brand awareness/authority and generate leads. However, likes and engagement do not pay the bills.

My success metrics

In this short video, I give three metrics that I use to measure the success of my business. These metrics have served me well over the years and might help you goal set for your fitness business. 



Your business must serve your client’s needs, but don’t forget your needs are just as important. If you want success, you and your customers need to be happy.

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