Personal Training Equipment | 5 Items Every New Personal Trainer Should Own

As a newly qualified personal trainer purchasing personal training equipment can be a real challenge, especially after forking out for your course fees and training manuals. However, there are some great low-cost items out there that won’t break the bank! So here are my top 5 Items Every New Personal Trainer Should Own.

Personal Training Equipment List

Interval Timer

Interval timers can be used for HIIT sessions, timing rest periods between strength training sets, and timing stretches, and they range from just £10-£20. You can easily set up the length of your intervals, the length of the rest and how many rounds you want to do. When you are good to go simply hit a button and the timer will beep/vibrate to notify you of the start and end of each round and again when all rounds are complete. They can also be easily attached to your waist with a handy little clip. Alternatively, there are plenty of free interval apps you can download onto your phone.

Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers can be used for warming up, stretching, endurance and even strength training. They are particularly good for training in homes, outdoors, offices, church halls and studios. Some brands are extremely expensive but there are some less well-known brands available online that cost from just £30 upwards.

Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells have to be the most versatile personal training equipment you can buy. It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, a kettlebell can help you achieve it. They are also very portable fitting into the boot of the car easily and you can even take a Kettlebell Training Course to master the teaching practices. Lighter sets of 2kg to 8kg, that are adequate for many beginners start at just £30.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are probably the cheapest but most useful bit of kit a new personal trainer can purchase. They can be used for muscle activation during warm-ups, pre-hab and re-hab of specific muscles, and all-round strength and endurance. They are particularly of training clients in homes or parks as they can be used to train the muscles of the back (traps and lats) with rowing and pulling exercises.

Boxing Mitts and Focus Pads

Whether you are training outdoors or indoors everyone loves to unload with some good old fashion boxing. I don’t think I have ever had a client that didn’t enjoy some pad-work in their session. Punching focus pads is fun, great cardio and great stress release. You don’t even need a huge space to use them. I bought an extra set last week online for just £15. That was the gloves and pads. I feared they might be a bit cheap and nasty but took the risk and they are actually really nice. Make sure you get gloves with the thumb protectors too.

Well there it is, that is my top 5 low-cost items every new personal trainer should buy.  For £100 investment, you can have some great equipment that is easy to use and will all fit in the boot of your car.

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