Handling client complaints

learn how to handle complaints

Customer complaints shouldn’t be taken personally. Instead view them as valuable customer feedback and always deal with them in a positive manner. No organisation is perfect and we all could do things a little better sometimes so if a customer takes the time to give us feedback on how their customer experience could have been […]

Choosing the best products and services to sell

Choosing the best products and services to sell

Before you begin marketing your fitness business you need to decide what products and services you are going to sell. When choosing these you must take into consideration the following: Your mission statement and vision statement The needs of your customers Mission statement and vision statement If your mission statement is: ‘to provide mums with young babies a […]

What to call your fitness business?

What to name your fitness / PT business

Once you have your mission statement, your vision, your core values, and your USPs identified then you might want to start thinking about what you are going to name your fitness business. When I named my first business I didn’t know anything about how to go about it. I assumed that the name had to […]

5 Items Every New Personal Trainer Should Own

Low cost items every new personal trainer should own

As a newly qualified personal trainer purchasing equipment can be a real challenge especially after forking out for your course fees and training manuals. However there are some great low cost items out there that wont break the bank! Interval Timer Interval timers can be used for HIIT sessions, timing rest periods between strength training […]