What is vigorous-intensity activity?


When it comes to health benefits vigorous-intensity activities have twice as much impact when compared to moderate-intensity exercise of the same duration. According to the NHS, vigorous-intensity activity makes you breathe hard and fast. If you’re working at this level, you will not be able to say more than a few words without pausing for […]

Exercise and mental health

exercise and mental health

The parallels between exercise and a better body aren’t too difficult to imagine. If you go running four times a week, you’d imagine yourself to improve your physical stamina as well as lose a few pounds in body weight. If you train your biceps twice a week in the gym, you’d imagine over a couple […]

Strength and Conditioning | An introduction

strength and conditioning

‘Strength and conditioning’ is becoming very fashionable in the fitness world but as always there is a lot of confusion over what this training approach actually is. This article will hopefully enlighten you. What is ‘Strength and conditioning’? Strength and conditioning is training an individual with the aim to improve their athletic performance. It is […]

Building Your Fitness Brand

fitness brand

As a fitness enthusiast, you will no doubt have found that exercise and physical activity in some shape or another have enriched your life. You may be so passionate about this that you now want to become a fitness professional so that you can help others enjoy the positivity that you have experienced. That is […]

Circuit training

Circuit training

Circuit training is a method of training where you perform different exercises in succession with minimal rest. It is also my favourite group exercise class to teach and take part in. It’s great for clients and it great for us trainers. Benefits of circuit training for the client No choreography. You don’t get bored with […]

What is functional fitness?

A buzz word that has been spreading around gyms and health clubs for some time now is ‘functional’. But what exactly is functional fitness? Functional fitness explained Functional fitness training is not training to look better but training to improve how well you function at a given task. Therefore true functional training is very specific […]

Benefits of Studio Cycling

If you are looking to take part in some good old fashion group exercise then look no further than studio cycling. There are lots of benefits of studio cycling which I am going to cover in this article so if you have not tried a class before after reading this I hope you will be […]

Fat loss without counting calories

Fat loss without counting calories may not be an optimal method for competitive bodybuilders or fitness models but it can still be effective and probably more sustainable. With any goal, you need to find the right plan for you and a plan that involves counting calories may not be your preference. So let’s investigate another […]

Heart rate training

We have all seen our heart rate flashing up on the cardio machines at the gym but how many of us actually know what it is supposed to be? If you Google heart rate training it is a minefield so this article is going to simply cover how to work out your very own heart […]