How to become a Personal Trainer?

If you have decided to make your passion your profession then you want to make sure you do things properly. So in this article, I explain exactly how to become a Personal Trainer and clarify which qualifications and courses are best.


The two most important qualifications you need are a level 2 certificate in gym instruction and a level 3 diploma in personal training.  With both those qualifications, you can apply for personal training jobs anywhere in the UK. They are also recognised in many other countries so you are not limited to working only in the UK.

At Storm Fitness Academy we have a course bundle that gives you both those qualifications with a great discount.


To stand out from the crowd and supercharge your CV I would also recommend you complete several additional CPD certificates. These short courses are great for giving you bite-sized learning in specialist areas such as plant-based nutrition and mental health awareness. This is why we have upgraded our standard personal trainer bundle to include access to an e-learning platform that has over 20 additional CPD courses  that include:

  • Plant-based nutrition
  • Online training
  • Advanced kettlebells
  • Suspension training
  • Padwork training
  • Fuelling exercise for physical activity
  • Obesity myths
  • Power club training
  • Medicine ball training

and many more…

Graduate support

Graduate Support

When you qualify as a personal trainer it can feel a little lonely and overwhelming starting your personal training business so you will need a good support network. Friends and family are great for moral support but you will also need to access the help of other experienced trainers. Learning from other fitness professional’s successes and failures is invaluable.

Outstretched hands

This is why we have an online support group for all our trainers to network with one another, share ideas and continue to access our expertise even after they have qualified.

I personally engage with the group every week sharing videos that address any questions my trainers have and offering advice on how to be successful in the industry. The fitness business support feedback has been so popular that we have created a stand-alone course called ‘Bulletproof Business’ which guides trainers step by step through how to create their very own successful fitness business. Our Advanced Personal trainer course includes access to Bulletproof Business with a huge 50% discount.

The next level


For those trainers that want to take their learning to the next level then I recommend doing a Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditoning. This qualifies trainers to work with either amateur, semi-pro or pro athletes. Even if you are not intending to work with athletes most people would like to be trained by a highly qualified trainer that can train athletes. Our Elite course also includes a Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditoning.

If you want to attack the industry armed with qualifications, skills, confidence, and a great support network that will help you build a very successful business then get in touch via the form below.

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