I have been quite fortunate in my career as a personal trainer as most of my clients have chosen to stay with me for many years. Once you help your clients achieve healthy levels of strength, mobility, CV fitness and body composition, many trainers will suggest that you now let your clients leave the nest! […]

17th November 2021

If you want to join the 40% of business owners that are successful beyond their first three years of trading, you must actively pursue more business. As a fitness professional, you can predict and secure business growth using the law of averages. In fact, with all sales, it is a numbers game. Those of you […]

17th November 2021

Motivated clients want to lose as much fat as they can in the shortest time possible. But what does a pound of fat look like? The ACSM state that the maximum amount of fat that you can lose each week without the risk of muscle loss is 1-2lbs. Often clients will believe that 1-2lbs of […]

10th November 2021

Don’t let difficult clients spoil your enjoyment of your profession with personal trainer terms and conditions.When I began working as a personal trainer, I would get clients cancelling at the last minute, turning up late, or complaining that they had not lost any weight even though they had ignored all of my nutrition advice.I made […]

29th October 2021

Attracting new customers is all about the touchpoints. Get in front of a relevant audience and show them how you can solve their problem. If a customer decides to purchase from you but does not have a call to action directly in front of them, they will Google you. So it would be best if […]

27th October 2021

Every client wants RESULTS. So as a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach, you must collect and share data with your client on their progress.  Over the past 23 years of training clients, I have noticed that every client wants to be stronger. Seeing their numbers go up gives them a real buzz. However, […]

27th October 2021

As fitness professionals, we often get asked, ‘how much exercise should I do every day?’. When looking after your physical and mental health, you don’t have to exercise as much as you think. Check out the video below to see if you are exercising enough.

20th October 2021

In part 1 of this article, I covered the pros and cons of online training. If you have decided that online training is the right direction for you, make sure you implement these principles if you want to maximise your success. Key principles of a successful online coaching business Know your audience You can’t help […]

22nd September 2021

Since the first lockdown in the UK, online training has exploded in popularity for clients and coaches. Before you consider whether this is the right direction for you, check out the pro’s and cons first. Pros of online training Scalability Managing clients remotely enable you to grow your business so much more as you eliminate […]

22nd September 2021

I sat down with podcaster, speaker and online fitness influencer Mr Ben Coomber and asked him. What advice would you give anyone starting out in this industry? Among other things, Ben has the UK’s #1 rated health & fitness podcast (top 10 in the world). Interviewing the world’s best guests in health, fitness and personal […]

22nd September 2021

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