What is Circuit training?

Circuit training is a method of training where you perform different exercises in succession with minimal rest. It is also my favourite group exercise class to teach and take part in. It’s great for clients and it is great for us trainers. Benefits of circuit training for the client No choreography. You don’t get bored […]

The role of the strength and conditioning coach

Before you can understand the role of a strength and conditioning coach you must first understand what ‘strength and conditioning is’. What is ‘strength and conditioning? Strength and conditioning is the physical development of an athlete to improve performance in their sport.    What is the role of the strength and conditioning coach? The role […]

Hybrid Training

Training towards multiple goals at once is not optimal for results but can still be beneficial and very fun.  With traditional periodisation, we tend to focus on specific components of fitness as I discussed in the previous articles: general physical preparedness, body composition, and strength and power training. However, when using what I call ‘Hybrid […]

How to train for strength and power

After completing a structured body composition programme you may want to consider progressing onto a programme that develops maximal strength and power. Not only can these programmes be very fun but if you play any kind of sport then a good strength and power programme can help you to run faster, jump higher, throw further […]

What is body composition training?

Body composition training is a popular term used to train with the objective of making favourable changes to one’s body composition. Before I explain how to do that I will first explain what body composition means. Body composition Your ‘body composition’ is describing what your body is composed of. In the fitness world, we tend […]

What is General physical preparedness (GPP)

General physical preparedness is (GPP) could almost be described as training to train. Before any client or athlete jumps straight into a highly specialised programme they need to have built themselves a good foundation of fitness first that will pre-hab them from any future injuries, prevent overtraining and ensure they get effective gains in all […]

A day in the life of my workout and nutrition plan

As a coach and a teacher, I often get asked what my training and nutritional programme looks like. My response will change depending on what macrocycle I happen to be in. I was asked a few weeks ago this question so let me explain how I usually train. An overview of my training When it […]

Eat Less and Move More

I was asked recently whether losing weight was as simple as eat less and move more. My answer was yes, and no.  On paper, it is that simple but in practice, it really isn’t. How do we lose weight? For your body to break down body fat it has to be in a calorie deficit. […]

Training motivation

Training motivation comes in two forms: Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. This article will describe how “good personal trainers” optimise both forms of motivation to help clients achieve their goals 🤟. Intrinsic motivation Intrinsic training motivation is being motivated to train simply because you enjoy training. In many ways, I believe this is the most […]

What is belly fat?

What is belly fat and why can’t we seem to lose it? This is a question I have been asked many times over the years. Especially from post-natal clients. I answer the question in this short article. Energy surplus First of all, any increase in body fat wherever you store it is always going to […]