Are you doing enough physical activity?

If you are not sure whether you are active enough or you are thinking about increasing your physical activity and not sure what to aim for then our table below will give you some guidance, and a possible target to aim for. How many steps per day should I aim for? What are the health […]

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) – Resistance Training

In a previous article I discussed how we can use RPE to monitor the intensity of cardiovascular training. This article explains how we can also apply a similar RPE scale to resistance training. Behold the RPE scale for Resistance Training! As you can see the numbers on the left and the emoji’s are the same […]

CrossFit at MVMT42 – Part 4

Now that my 12-week challenge is over I can finally say goodbye to my obsession with fat loss and move over to a new goal. Don’t get me wrong dropping some bodyfat has been just what the doctor ordered. I feel healthier, more athletic, and as with the achievement of any goal, I feel a […]

CrossFit at MVMT42 – Part 3

Three weeks into my membership at MVMT42 and still loving it. I’m particularly pleased this week as I managed to PB my power clean (80kg for 3 reps). That was a relatively new lift for me so my progress was pretty quick once I learnt the technique. I have also managed to complete a few […]

CrossFit at MVMT42 – Part 2


I have completed two weeks of my MVM42 membership and have learnt so much already and certainly feel more athletic. Becoming more athletic From what I can tell so far the Crossfit programming is based on regularly trying to improve your personal best (PB) or if your from the US personal record (PR) 😉. I […]

CrossFit at MVMT42 – Part 1

If you want different results then you have to do something different to what are already doing. I want to be in the best shape of my life so I can’t just keep using the same methods I have always used in the past. I need to force my body to adapt by subjecting it […]

Phase 3 – Peaking | 12 week challenge

Phase 2 of my 12-week challenge is over and I am now entering phase 3 where I will be concentrating on peaking for the end of the 12 weeks. What I mean by peaking is that I will be getting ultra focussed on everything I have wanted to achieve by the end of this challenge […]

The strength pyramid – When to go heavy 💪 I Part 2

Knowing when to go heavy is not just about avoiding injury but it is about optimising progress. As discussed in part 1 if you want to unleash all of your muscle building potential then you need to build a good foundation first. You can jump straight into heavy lifting and you might get some gains and […]

Phase 2 – Strength | 12 week challenge

Now that phase 1 of my 12 week challenge is complete it is time to shake things up again and begin phase 2 – strength. Phase 1 was all about volume and muscle tension. Allowing my body to adapt to a high frequency of lifting (six times per week) with moderate loads (6-12RM) and slow […]