Neuromuscular sensory organs

The autonomic nervous system has neuromuscular sensory organs that gather information and inform the central nervous system about the bodies position, muscle tension and muscle length. Joint receptors Located in the ligaments and joint capsule, info the central nervous system about the position of the body. Muscle spindles Located in the muscle belly and inform […]

The ‘All or None’ Law

Motor Units Before we discuss what the ‘all or none law’ is you must first understand what a motor unit is. A motor unit is made up of a single motor neuron and all the muscle fibres it innervates.  Innervation ratio Motor units also vary in size, small motor units stimulate just a handful of […]

What are neurons?

The job of a neuron (nerve cell) is to transmit electrical impulses (messages) around the body. The neurons that lie outside of the spinal cord are divided into motor and sensory neurons. Sensory neurons Transmit messages from our senses to our central nervous system. Motor neurons Transmit messages from our central nervous system to our […]

The structure of the nervous system

The nervous system can be divided up into two sub systems the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Central nervous system (CNS) The central nervous system is the bodies think tank! Or you can also call it the control centre. It is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord. All human movement is […]

The functions of the nervous system

The main role of the nervous system is to maintain homeostasis within the body. It does this via a large network of motor and sensory neurons that transmit chemical and electrical messages around the body. The functions of the nervous system Sensation The body gathers information about the internal and external environment via sensory neutrons. […]

The roles of muscles

Muscles have different roles when an exercise is carried out, in fact there are multiple muscles working in different ways whenever we move. The Antagonist The name given to the muscle that relaxes when the prime mover contracts. The Agonist The name given to the muscle that is the prime mover for a given joint […]

Types of muscle contractions

When we think of muscles flexing we perhaps think of bodybuilders flexing their biceps during a bicep curl. While this certainly is one of the types of muscle contraction it is not the only type. There are in fact three types of muscle contraction concentric, eccentric and static, split into two groups.  Isotonic Muscle tension whilst shortening or […]