The strength pyramid – When to go heavy 💪 I Part 2

Knowing when to go heavy is not just about avoiding injury but it is about optimising progress. As discussed in part 1 if you want to unleash all of your muscle building potential then you need to build a good foundation first. You can jump straight into heavy lifting and you might get some gains and […]

Phase 2 – Strength | 12 week challenge

Now that phase 1 of my 12 week challenge is complete it is time to shake things up again and begin phase 2 – strength. Phase 1 was all about volume and muscle tension. Allowing my body to adapt to a high frequency of lifting (six times per week) with moderate loads (6-12RM) and slow […]

Phase 1 – Hypertrophy | 12 week challenge

Getting into the best shape of my life at 40 years of age is not just about working hard, it is mainly about working smart. You may be thinking about starting a similar challenge yourselves so I am going to be sharing my training strategy with you over the next 12 weeks and any other […]

Miss competing? Try Fitness Testing!

There is nothing wrong with going to the gym day after day for no reason other than to be a bit healthier and with the hope that you may look a bit better after a few weeks but sometimes our motivation can dwindle if we don’t see results fast enough. One way to combat our […]

Health check – Waist circumference

When writing a battery of fitness tests for my clients I often like to include waist circumference. Whether the client has a weight loss goal or a weight gain goal it can still be applicable and more importantly can be used as a in indicator of health status. What does waist circumference tell us? Simply […]

Fit at 40 – Getting into the best shape of my life

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Jon Bond, I’m a dad, business owner, fitness enthusiast and… I turn 40 in 12 weeks time ( 7th July). I am using these final weeks, before the milestone birthday, to discover whether it’s not too late to get myself into the best shape […]

Six workout and training myths

It’s new year – which means it’s time to think about your resolutions! For many people that involves getting back into working out. Unfortunately, many people live with misapprehensions about fitness regimes and training which can lead to them making mistakes or giving up altogether. Here are six workout and training myths and misconceptions as […]