What to call your fitness business?

What to name your fitness / PT business

Once you have your mission statement, your vision, your core values, and your USPs identified then you might want to start thinking about what you are going to name your fitness business. When I named my first business I didn’t know anything about how to go about it. I assumed that the name had to sum up or describe my business in a catchy way – however, if you look at some of the biggest and well known brands on the planet – their name has nothing to do with what they are selling.  

Business name examples

  • Apple
  • Nike
  • McDonalds
  • Nandos
  • Sony
  • Starbucks

The names above don’t describe the service or product at all, but they do have certain things in common. They are short, simple, easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

The following is some advice I have put together to help guide you and help you name your fitness business.

Choose a name with longevity

When choosing a name be careful not to choose something that could limit the longevity of your business. For example a few years back the word ‘Paleo’ was all the rage in the fitness industry but not so much now. If you had named your business ‘Paleo Fitness’ then that company, in my opinion, would already have started to sound quite dated. Don’t limit your future by using a current buzz word.

Don’t limit your market

If you have name that states exactly what you do then that could limit your market. i.e Ace personal training. You might start of thinking all you ever want to do is offer one to one personal training but as your career progresses you might decide you want to offer group exercise, or sell workout DVDs etc etc. The great thing about our industry is there are so many different ways that we can help people so your fitness business can expand in so many different ways. Don’t let your name prevent growth.

Think about branding

Your company logo will be on everything you distribute. Advertising, programme cards, handouts, headed paper, your vehicle, clothing. If your customers were to wear your brand or display it on a car sticker. It wants to be something they are proud to be a part of. If you are targeting a very niche market that is fine but your logo might not want to describe that market. Who wants to walk around wearing a t-shirt with Fat Fighters written on it or display a car sticker saying ‘Lose the Moobs Club’!

Avoid long winded names

Long winded names are too difficult to remember and too time consuming to Google. For example ‘Bond & Co health, fitness and training’ Apart form the fact that it is extremely uninspiring, it just isn’t snappy enough. 

Is the name available

Finally, check with companies house that your chosen name is available and the corresponding  domains are available too. It is gutting to fall in love with a name and actually start operating under that name to then find out that someone already has it.

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