Writing your fitness business vision statement

Writing your Fitness Business vision statement

Our last article explained how to produce a good mission statement for your fitness business without too much time or stress. This article is now going to explain how to produce a vision statement.

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Vision Statement

If you search around on the net you will no doubt be as confused as I was when I first started researching vision statements. It appears that a lot of companies believe that a mission statement and a vision statement are the same things. However, my understanding is that they are actually quite different.  A mission statement is about your mission, whereas a vision statement is about your destination. For example, our companies vision statement is ‘The largest community of successful fitness professionals on the planet’. When we wrote that we simply thought about where we wanted the company to be in 10 years time.

At Storm Fitness Academy our shared goal here is not to be the training provider that qualifies more trainers than anyone else but to be the training provider that produces the most trainers that go on to have long and happy careers in the industry.

So when written your vision statement I would suggest you do the following:

  1. Picture your company 10 years into the future
  2. How could you communicate that vision to all those that will contribute to building your business (employed staff, free-lancers etc)
  3. Now sum that up in as few words as possible

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