Bitesize study: The Structure of Long Bone


The following diagram shows the structure of long bone:

Cancellous bone

This part of the bone gives it elastic strength to resist compression forces.


Compact bone  

This part of the bone is solid, strong and resistant to bending.



The shaft of the bone.



The expanded portion at each end of the bone.


Hyaline cartilage         

Covers the ends of bone and acts as a shock absorber.


Medullary cavity

The hollow tube down the centre of the compact bone.



A tough fibrous sheath covering the whole bone.


Red marrow       

This functions in the production of various types of blood cells.


Yellow marrow   

This functions for the storage of fat.


Now you can assess your understanding of this section via this link HERE.

Or download the bone diagram below and try to label it it correctly.

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