Bitesize study: The bones of the skeleton


There are 206 bones in the human skeleton. The diagram below identifies the major ones.

Click on the picture to expand it.

The skeleton can also be divided up into two sections:

The axial skeleton: The skull, vertebrae, ribs, sternum

The appendicular skeleton: The bones of the shoulder girdle and arms, and the bones of the hip girdle and legs.

Active IQ, Level 2 certificate in fitness instruction, anatomy and physiology for exercise, the skeletal system (2014)

Try some fun and interactive games to assess your understanding of this section via this link HERE.

You can also download the following worksheets. There is an answer sheet provided for you to check your answers but no cheating!!!


Label The Bones Of The Skeleton Worksheet

Label The Bones Of The Skeleton Worksheetlabel-the-bones-of-the-skeleton-worksheet.pdf

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Label The Bones Of The Skeleton Answers

Label The Bones Of The Skeleton Answerslabel-the-bones-of-the-skeleton-answers.pdf

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