Bitesize study: Functions of the skeleton

There are several functions of the human skeleton. Framework – To provide a bony framework for the body and to give it shape. Protection – To support and protect certain vital internal organs (e.g. the skull giving protection to the brain). Movement – To act as biomechanical levers on which muscles can pull to produce joint motion. Soft tissue attachment – To provide surfaces for the attachment of soft tissues e.g. muscles and ligaments. Production – Certain bones produce red blood cells, granular white blood cells and platelets from their red bone marrow. Storage – To store several minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, to be released when required. Triglycerides are also stored in the adipocytes of yellow bone marrow. Active IQ, Level 2 certificate in fitness instruction, anatomy and physiology for exercise, the skeletal system (2014) Now you can assess your understanding of this section via this link HERE.

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