This week I want to remind you about a simple but effective training system called long slow distance training (LSD).      Since the introduction of HIIT and the hype that followed (cheers, Wicks!) LSD has become a little unfashionable! However, I am here to tell you that LSD training is fantastic and has […]

11th May 2022

When it comes to face to face PT, if clients have paid for an hour, they expect an hour. I have been doing this job for many years, but I occasionally find I have under-planned, so the session finishes with 5-10 minutes spare. In these circumstances, I have a few options: Sit them down, review […]

27th April 2022

Last week I shared maxim number 5 with you: Find your one thing. As promised here is this weeks maxim for you. #6 Move yourself happyBetween 2008 and 2013, I was very unhappy. My doctor diagnosed me with severe depression, and I was not myself for a long time.The fear of those dark days coming […]

2nd February 2022

As a trainer of trainers, I often get asked: how to be a personal trainer without a gym. I have worked in the fitness industry since 1999 and have only been a gym-based trainer for 10% of that time. If, like me, the idea of being stuck in the same environment for your entire career […]

5th January 2022

End your client’s training plateau with drop sets. If your client wants their body to change, they have to subject it to stress it is not accustomed to. In other words, you must give it a reason to adapt. The best gains begin outside your comfort zone! And a very effective method for taking your […]

22nd December 2021

Tri-sets and giant sets are advanced bodybuilding techniques and a natural progression in intensity beyond super setting. Tri-sets A tri-set usually consists of three or more exercises that stimulate the same muscle group in slightly different ways and are performed back to back without rest.  An example of a tri-set for the deltoid muscles could […]

1st December 2021

I have been quite fortunate in my career as a personal trainer as most of my clients have chosen to stay with me for many years. Once you help your clients achieve healthy levels of strength, mobility, CV fitness and body composition, many trainers will suggest that you now let your clients leave the nest! […]

17th November 2021

Every client wants RESULTS. So as a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach, you must collect and share data with your client on their progress.  Over the past 23 years of training clients, I have noticed that every client wants to be stronger. Seeing their numbers go up gives them a real buzz. However, […]

27th October 2021

As fitness professionals, we often get asked, ‘how much exercise should I do every day?’. When looking after your physical and mental health, you don’t have to exercise as much as you think. Check out the video below to see if you are exercising enough.

20th October 2021

Barefoot training has been around for a while now. When it first began to surface in the fitness industry, many thought it might be another short term fitness trend or a gimmick like we often see. However, this one is not going away and is growing in popularity. So what is barefoot training exactly? Barefoot […]

9th August 2021

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