What is a finisher?

this article explains when trainers can use finishers

When it comes to face to face PT, if clients have paid for an hour, they expect an hour.

I have been doing this job for many years, but I occasionally find I have under-planned, so the session finishes with 5-10 minutes spare.

In these circumstances, I have a few options:

  1. Sit them down, review their goals, and discuss how their lifestyle choices could be developed further (probably my least preferred option).
  2. Deliver an extended cool-down with plenty of assisted stretches, including PNF stretching (some clients love this).
  3. Unleash a juicy little finisher (generally my favourite option)

What is a finisher?

A finisher is an exercise or activity bolted onto the end of the training session, before the cool-down, to finish off the main session and the client!

They are generally quite specific and target a particular goal, i.e. work capacity or muscle growth.

In this 60-second video, I suggest an excellent finisher for targetting bicep growth. The training technique could be applied to any muscle you want to target, such as the glutes or abdominals.

Tabata curls


Finishers are meant to be challenging but should still be kinda fun!

Linking them to the client’s goals will get their commitment and give them one last surge of motivation before finishing the session.

I recommend you keep a few of these ideas in your PT toolkit. Then if, like me, you ever under-plan one day, you can say to your client, “Awesome, we have time for a finisher”! 😉💪

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