Try some LSD!

This week I want to remind you about a simple but effective training system called long slow distance training (LSD).



Since the introduction of HIIT and the hype that followed (cheers, Wicks!) LSD has become a little unfashionable!

However, I am here to tell you that LSD training is fantastic and has a ton of juicy benefits.

Long slow distance training is carried out by choosing a single exercise modality such as jogging and simply clocking up some mileage. The more mileage, the better, providing you are comfortable with the distance and built up to it gradually.

What are the benefits?

Stroke volume is the maximum amount of blood your heart can pump with just one contraction. When you exercise within your aerobic zone, your heart reaches its maximum stroke volume reasonably quickly. To increase your stroke volume (strengthen the heart muscle), you must spend more time at maximum stroke volume. The best way to do that is with LSD training. 

Long but low intensity running, cycling, swimming and hiking is like strength training for the heart.

In the blue zones, the oldest and healthiest people on the planet are not doing HIIT. They are clocking up a lot of mileage walking and hiking, LSD training.

So if you want to live longer and with a better quality of life, get outdoors this week, take a friend, family member, or client and clock up some miles. The added vitamin D and social element will also give you a dose of happy hormones.

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