Role modelling

Last week I shared maxim number 3 with you: Take action.

As promised, here is this weeks maxim for you.

#4 Do as I do is much more powerful than do as I say

If you are a coach or leader in any capacity, you must model the behaviour you are trying to influence.

We can all talk a good game.

But you must walk the talk.

Suppose I had never been a successful fitness professional. Would you take me seriously?

No, you would not.

Being a positive role model as a fitness professional is your primary duty.

Please take the time to read this article I wrote in 2016. It contains a lovely poem on the importance of role models. It resonated with me both as a parent and as a coach.

If you think you would make a good health and fitness role model, fill out the contact form below and let’s chat.

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