Resistance training systems: Drop sets

how to conduct drop sets

End your client’s training plateau with drop sets.

If your client wants their body to change, they have to subject it to stress it is not accustomed to.

In other words, you must give it a reason to adapt.

The best gains begin outside your comfort zone!

And a very effective method for taking your client out of their comfort zone is using an advanced training system called drop sets.

It is a technique that allows a client to continue a set past the point where they would usually terminate. 

Drop sets, sometimes referred to as stripping, involve performing a set to failure, removing a small percentage of the load and continuing with the set. 

You can decrease the load several times (2 to 3 drops per set is standard).  

A set to failure, followed by three successive load decrements performed with no rest, is called a triple drop.

I do not recommend this method for your new clients unless you want to scare them off! 

Reserve it for those advanced clients that need to take things to the next level.

Check out this video for an example drop set.

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