Resistance training systems: Tri sets and giant sets

This is considered an advanced bodybuilding technique as it is a progression in intensity beyond agonist supersetting. A giant set usually consists of 4 exercises that stimulate the same muscle group in slightly different ways that are performed back to back without any rest. An example of a giant set for the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back may include the following exercises:
  • bent over barbell row
  • lat pulldown
  • seated cable row
  • single arm dumbbell row
The giant set would consist of performing a complete set of each exercise in order with no rest. After the full cycle of 4 exercises the client would then have 2-3 minutes rest to recover and repeat the giant set again through two more cycles with rest in between. Another method of training similar to the giant set is tri set training. This works on the same principles as a giant set, only three exercises are used in the exercise cycle instead of four. Active IQ, Level 3 certificate in personal training, programming personal training with clients (2014)

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