Resistance training systems: Tri sets and giant sets

Resistance training systems - tri sets and giant sets

Tri sets and giant sets are considered to be an advanced bodybuilding technique and the natural progression in intensity beyond supersetting.

Giant sets

A giant set usually consists of 4 or more exercises that stimulate the same muscle group in slightly different ways, and are performed back to back without any rest. A rest period only follows after completing the full cycle of 4 or more exercises.  

An example of a giant set for the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back could include the following exercises:

1a) Bent over barbell row
1b) Lat pulldown
1c) Seated cable row
1d) Single arm dumbbell row

Tri sets

Another method of training similar to the giant set is tri set training. This works on the same principles as a giant set, only three exercises are used in the exercise cycle instead of four.

An example of a tri set for the deltoid muscles could include the following exercises:

1a) Dumbbell Shoulder Press
1b) Dumbbell Lateral Raise
1c) Barbell Front Raise
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