According to the health education authority, 1997, mental health is ‘the emotional and spiritual resilience which allows us to enjoy life and survive pain, disappointment and sadness. It is a positive sense of well-being and an underlying belief in our own, and others, dignity and worth. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful? Just that definition alone […]

5th February 2021

When I first became a personal trainer, one of the biggest challenges for me was time management. I thought my time management was good because I was very punctual and filled my day being busy. However, I realised that so much of my time was actually wasted on tasks and activities that were not necessary […]

25th January 2021

Working as a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. Helping people achieve a level of physical and mental health that they didn’t even think possible gives you an amazing buzz, a buzz you get paid for! The following guide will help you understand how to become a personal trainer […]

23rd January 2021

When it comes to building strength and/or sculpting a physique dumbbells and barbells should be at the top of your equipment list. However, not everyone has the budget or space to purchase both so before making your decision on which to purchase let me try to explain what’s better dumbbells or barbells. Barbells When it […]

22nd January 2021

I can be a proper geek when it comes to sports science. When it comes to achieving a specific performance goal I have the know-how and experience to programme that for myself or for anyone else. If you have a very specific performance goal i.e to run a 5km in under 20 minutes or to […]

21st January 2021

Dean Hammond, former premiership football player, talks about why he chose Storm Fitness Academy to help him build a new career as a personal trainer.   Since signing onto the elite course it’s been fantastic. I really recommend Jon Bond and Storm Fitness Academy. They’ve been brilliant for me. The main thing was the personal […]

10th November 2020

Our last article explained how to produce a good mission statement for your fitness business without too much time or stress. This article is now going to explain how to produce a vision statement. Vision Statement If you search around on the net you will no doubt be as confused as I was when I first […]

17th August 2020

Your now a qualified personal trainer and keen to start building your business so like every good business owner you start by writing a business plan. The first section of a business plan is all about your mission and your vision. This is pretty sensible as you can’t really plan much else until you know […]

17th August 2020

When it comes to losing weight (body fat), most of us want to see results immediately and we can lose motivation if we don’t lose a lot of weight in a short space of time. However, when it comes to weight loss, slow and steady for a lot of us does win the race as […]

14th August 2020

I have been asked many times over the years ‘why did you decide to become a personal trainer? There wasn’t just one thing that inspired me to begin training to become a personal trainer. Rather than bore people with my life story I tend to just tell them the main reason, which is quite simply […]

20th July 2020

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