Short-term effects of exercise on the neuromuscular system

As soon as we become active, whether that is walking the dog, doing some housework or playing our favourite sport, our body responds to keep us safe and ensure we perform our chosen activity as effectively as possible. This article will cover the Short-term effects of exercise on the neuromuscular system.

Short-term effects of exercise

The following describes the short-term effects of exercise on the neuromuscular system that one would typically experience during a good session at the gym.

1. Increased blood flow to working muscles

Blood is redirected to the muscles that have a greater demand for oxygen and nutrients. For example, if we are training our legs, then we will get an increase in blood flow to our legs. Often referred to as a muscle pump!

2. Increase in temperature

Blood also carries heat so the working muscles become warmer.

3. Increase in pliability

Muscles are a bit like blue tack! If you stretch blue tack when it is cold, it just tears. However, if we warm the blue tack in our hands, then we can stretch it really well. When the temperature of our muscles increases so does our ability to stretch them.

4. Increased nerve to muscle connection

When we become active, our nervous system wakes up and starts connecting and recruiting muscle fibres. This leads to greater power output from our muscles.

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