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In part 1 of this article, I covered the pros and cons of online training. If you have decided that online training is the right direction for you, make sure you implement these principles if you want to maximise your success.

Key principles of a successful online coaching business

Know your audience

You can’t help everyone, so figure out who you want to help and who you are best at helping and make sure you communicate to that audience.

Build services/products for your audience

Once you know your audience and what result they want, build products and services that help that audience achieve that specific result.

Lead magnet

Create a FREE valuable download that helps your audience solve their problem. This is an opportunity for your audience to learn more about you and your methods and decide whether they want to work with you further. The lead magnet should encourage them to take the next step and book a call with you or make a purchase.


Not everyone wants to jump in and purchase your most expensive core product. Your audience may like you and what you are about and want to work with you but would prefer to buy a lower-cost product/service that is not the complete solution but still offers a lot of value. This may be a one-off LIVE webinar or a programme but does not include access to your LIVE group coaching sessions and online community.

Core products

Focus on building one complete solution to your audience’s problem. This could be a 12-week programme covering everything: training, nutritional, mindset and lifestyle advice, access to your online community, training portal, etc. Over time you may decide to break this down into three price points that meet a broader range of needs and budgets. Use package names such as starter, rapid results, and elite.

Repeat sales

Make sure you have options for clients that complete their programme. Many will still want you in their life, so decide what your graduation programme will be. You may move them onto a rolling monthly contract where they join your graduate community working towards the same goals and following the same programme.

Leverage digital marketing

You will need to access a national and potentially international audience, so a poster at your local health food shop won’t cut it. Use your organic social profiles first, as you already have a list of followers that will likely contain your audience. As you grow, investing in paid ads will increase your brand awareness further.


Learn how to sell. Whether you like it or not, the best selling coaches are not the best coaches. They are the best selling coaches! If you want more clients, learn how to sell.

Upfront payment

To get clients the results they want, you need commitment from them. The best way to get commitment from them is to take a large upfront payment. If you allow clients to pay as they go, you plant the seed in their heads that they can quit anytime. As soon as the going gets tough, they will give up but not if they have lumped out a hefty upfront payment.

Use tech

To grow your business, you need to eliminate human admin as much as possible. The best way to do this is to get good at using tech. Our bulletproof business courses teach you how to use some great applications and software that will build the reputation of your business and give you loads of time back.

Clarify your terms of service

Make sure you have clear terms of service and communicate these to your clients. This will ensure you both understand what you can expect from each other during your business relationship.

Create systems

Remembering everything you must do for every client is impossible. It will make the job stressful and challenging to treat all customers equally. This is where you need systems. Systems take the thinking away for you, and if you use tech, they will also take the work away.

Streamline your onboarding process

Taking on new clients should be a simple process. Use online forms, automated emails and build an FAQ page to reduce unnecessary interactions. If this is not streamlined, it will be challenging to grow your business.

Build a training portal

Using some low-cost site builder, you can create a training portal that houses all of your videos and resources to help your client get the results they want and have an excellent user experience.

Deliver group check in’s and coaching

To keep your business as scalable as possible, make sure you deliver your check-ins and coaching sessions as a group and not one to one.

Build an online community

Create an online community where you can easily share videos and additional resources to help your clients get results and build a good relationship with you and the others in the group. This improves their experience and adds value to your core products.

Brand ambassadors & Referrals

Ask your best clients to share their experiences with their online community and refer like-minded customers to your services. Make sure you reward them for doing so. What goes around comes around!


Anything you don’t do well and/ or don’t enjoy doing, outsource it. Your time is better spent on the things you are good at and enjoy doing. Companies like Fiverr make it really affordable to outsource anything from graphic design to building spreadsheets.

Rome was not built in a day

Don’t expect to implement all of these principles overnight. Schedule in time to work on your business and keep chipping away at them. There will always be another way to make more sales, build more systems and improve your service. Accept that is part of being a business owner.

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