Gym motivation

Believe it or not fitness professionals will occasionally lack gym motivation too. Sometimes we feel tired and sometimes we feel a bit bored. However, what we have is the training and the knowledge that gives us the ability to change our mind-set and find the motivation we need.

Where does gym motivation come from?

As I have discussed in a previous article, one of the things that drives us is the desire for change. So reminding yourself of that from time to time is important. Why are you going in the first place? What are you trying to achieve? Set yourself some goals and review them regularly.

You have to believe in the process too. Turning up and doing your thing and not truly believing that the plan is even going to work will certainly lead to dwindling gym motivation. Hire a fitness professional to help you with your plan if you are not confident you have the correct one for you.

It also makes a huge difference if you enjoy the experience. If you like listening to music then listen to music. If you prefer training with a friend then find a gym buddy. If you prefer group exercise then check out your gym workout timetable.

Quick fix

Sometimes we need a quick fix, something that we can draw upon there and then. I use the following two approaches.

  1. Ask yourself do you want this day to be better?

If the answer is yes. Then go to the gym. It works for very rationale people. Nobody ever regrets a decision to go the gym but we will regret it if we don’t. Going to the gym will give you some happy hormones like dopamine and at the very least save you from the disappointment you have with yourself for not going.

  1. Commit to just the warm up

A method I explain the this short video works around the idea that you tell yourself your just going to do your warm up and come home. It is a lot less intimating going to the gym just for a warm up and better than no exercise at all. However, it is very likely that you will just finish your workout anyway.

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