Choosing the best products and services to sell

Choosing the best products and services to sell

Before you begin marketing your fitness business you need to decide what products and services you are going to sell. When choosing these you must take into consideration the following:

  1. Your mission statement and vision statement
  2. The needs of your customers

Mission statement and vision statement

If your mission statement is:

‘to provide mums with young babies a safe and friendly place to exercise, along with the support they need to feel fitter and healthier than they ever have’

and your vision statement is :

‘to build the UKs largest community of like-minded mothers that enjoy exercise and healthy living’.

You must then think about what products and services do you need to offer to complete this mission and help your organisation reach its vision. The following list gives you some examples of what services and products you may wish to include:

Products and services

  • One to one personal training
  • Group exercise
  • Weigh ins and nutritional advice sessions
  • Online support sessions
  • Online training sessions
  • Home programmes 
  • Training clothing
  • Training equipment
  • Nutritional products

The needs of your customers

Your customers are all going to require different levels of support depending on what they can afford, their location, their time availability and their own preferences. Therefore, your products and services should try to represent a broad range of needs. Take one to one personal training for example. This is usually the pinnacle of the services that you would offer. You only have so many hours in the week so as a personal trainer you can only sell a limited number of these. My recommendation is that you always sell them as blocks and not as individual sessions as you will get much better commitment from your clients. Plus you can’t do a lot for someone in just one session but you can do a lot for someone in 10 to 12 sessions. However, you can still offer a range of personal training products that give your customers a better choice. You could do this by dividing your blocks up into the following:

  • 30-mintue sessions
  • 45-mintue sessions
  • 60- minute sessions

This means that you now have three different levels of that product to match the different client availabilities and affordability’s.

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