Boxing & Padwork | Stance and Guard

Boxing & Padwork - Stance and Guard

In a previous article we have already discussed the great benefits of boxing & padwork for fitness so now that we have convinced you to incorporate this into your training we had better give you some technical pointers. What better place to start than with the stance and guard.

Orthodox or Southpaw?

Before we begin you need to decide whether you are orthodox or southpaw. This is very simple. If you are right handed then you are orthodox, if you are left handed then you are southpaw. That’s it! Now lets move onto the stance. All the images you will see in this article will be of an orthodox stance.


Stand with an upright posture and with your feet shoulder width apart

Correct stance - Feet shoulder width apart

If you are Orthodox take a small step forward with your left foot (Southpaws step forward with right foot)

Step forward

Externally rotate your rear foot 45-degrees and ensure both your knees have a slight bend in them

Rotate your rear foot 45-degrees


  1. Make a fist with both hands ensuring that your thumb is on the outside of your fingers


Correct fistIncorrect fist


2. An old coach of  mine told me once that your jawline is your off switch, if anyone punches that jawline with any reasonable force then your having a kip! So we want to shield that jawline. Now with that in mind, place both fists either side of your chin with your palms facing in. Whilst doing this keep your arms in close to protect your ribs.

Guard stance

Great that’s your stance and guard sorted, now you are reading to learn some footwork!

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