Seven reasons why you should get on the pads!

Boxing blog - Seven reasons why you should get on the pads

I don’t know why, but everyone loves padwork!

I have never trained a client who didn’t like giving my pads a wallop. It is not only great for them, but it’s also great for me as the instructor too. So here are seven top reasons why instructors and their clients should all get on the pads!

Why instructors should get on the pads

1. You can take them anywhere

Focus pads can be transported around in a small backpack and you only need a small space to use them. If you don’t have any space indoors you can take them outdoors.

2. They don’t cost a lot

A set of pads, hand wraps and gloves will set you back around £20 to £25. A bargain for all the hours and hours of fun you will get out of them.

3. Have fun and get active

Instead of standing next to someone at a treadmill, burn off some calories yourself and have some fun with padwork.

Why our clients should get on the pads

4. Total fitness

With padwork you can improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, body composition, reaction time, coordination, speed, agility and power. Padwork also uses interval training which is great for fat loss, aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

5. They suit all ages and abilities

The intensity and complexity of padwork can be tailored to meet the ability of any individual whether they are a complete beginner or a World champion boxer.

6. Stress lowering and mood boosting

Any physical activity has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve ones mood but pad-work seems to be a fantastic anti-depressant. The buzz after a good pad-work session is awesome.

7. Extremely fun and social

Whether you are one to one with your trainer or in a group padwork encourages the social interaction you don’t get when you are training on your own.  Learning new skills is fun and boosts self-efficacy which gives us the confidence to learn other new things and find solutions to problems.


At Storm Fitness Academy we deliver a series of one-day workshops such as ‘boxing and padwork’ to help trainers up skill and network with other fitness professionals and our experienced tutors. Book yourself onto a CPD workshop today 🥊


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