Boxing & Padwork | Head Hooks

Our last Boxing & Padwork article focused on the jab and the cross, now we are going to focus on hooks, particularly short range hooks to the head.


Why Hooks?

Ok so little background on the hook first. As with all punches throwing some head or body hooks at a bag or focus pads is great cardio but in the context of boxing for real and not just fitness head hooks are great for ….well…. how can I put this errm……

‘Knocking people out’!!!

Your generally aiming for the jaw bone with enough force that it whips the opponents head round so quickly they lose consciousness. Man, that sounds so callous when you put it into words!!

Head Hooks

-Lead hand

Teaching points:

  • Rotate shoulder and hip
  • Lift elbow level with fist
  • Return hand to the guard position

The same punch can be thrown with the rear hand.

-Rear Hand

Teaching Points:

  • Bend the knees and drop torso whilst staying upright
  • Rotate shoulder and hip and throw the hook
  • Return hand to the guard position

The Padwork

Teaching points:

  • Turn pads on their side
  • The dot on the pad should remain at shoulder height of the punches
  • Pads should shoulder width apart

Or for single punches just hold up one pad….

The next article will focus on the body hook.

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