Will exercise boost your mood?

I can be a proper geek when it comes to sports science. When it comes to achieving a specific performance goal I have the know-how and experience to programme that for myself or for anyone else.

If you have a very specific performance goal i.e to run a 5km in under 20 minutes or to squat two times your body weight then I recommend having a structured plan that is tweaked and modified weekly.

However, training does not always have to be this way. 

There are so many wonderful benefits to being physically active which don’t all require a specific plan.

My mood has been up and down as much as anyone during these uncertain times and right now I don’t really want to focus on a specific performance goal. I have other responsibilities that are taking up my time and attention.

Going off-piste

The way I am training right now is not necessarily optimal for performance but for mental and physical health it feels bloody good!

The training I am doing at the moment I call ‘going off-piste’. Which is basically going off-plan. I’m training much more intuitively. Listening to what I think my mind and body needs.

Right now my mind and body need to move and to move outdoors. So I am out daily, sometimes walking and some days running. Sometimes I run hard and some days I run easy. I just do what I feel is right. 

I have just started to track my runs in Strava to add a little bit of accountability. I also thought they would act as a nice exercise journal to review when I needed some inspiration.

Morning RUn

So, will exercise boost your mood?

For me, it’s a resounding YES!

This is what I have been experiencing when I begin each day with a run or walk.

  • I’m more productive.
  • I am less anxious.
  • I am energised.
  • I am calmer.
  • I feel happier.

I won’t always train like this. Once I free up some headspace I will get back on a plan and work towards a specific goal again. I get immense pleasure from beating PB’s and tracking exactly how I am improving physically.

But for the time being, I am just using movement as medicine.

My exercise goal is very simple.

Run or walk to make each day better 💪


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