Which personal trainer certification is best?

Once you have decided to make your passion your profession and become a fitness professional, understanding which personal trainer certification is best can be confusing. Don’t worry I will clear everything up for you in this short article.

Personal Trainer Certification

The term personal trainer is not a legally protected title like  ‘doctor’. This means anyone can call themselves a personal trainer without any training or qualifications and they are not breaking any laws. However, without endorsed qualifications, you will struggle to get employment as employers look for nationally accredited qualifications that have been endorsed by the register of exercise professionals (REPS) and chartered institute for the management of sport and physical activity (CIMSPA). These guys are like the checkatrade of the fitness world.

Are there any legal requirements?

It is a legal requirement that you ‘risk assess’ and adequately control risk when operating as a personal trainer. If you have not received any training and gained any nationally accredited qualifications then you have not adequately controlled risk.

Therefore, the best personal trainer certification is one that has been endorsed by REPs and CIMSPA 👍. Our level 2 gym instruction, level 3 personal training and our level 4 strength and conditioning all have that endorsement 🤟

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