What does a pound of fat look like?

Ah, the elusive “pound of fat” – it’s a question that has been asked by many, but answered by few. Lucky for you, I’m here to shed some light on this fatty topic!

Motivated clients want to lose as much fat as they can in the shortest time possible. But what does a pound of fat look like?

The ACSM state that the maximum amount of fat that you can lose each week without the risk of muscle loss is 1-2lbs.

Often clients will believe that 1-2lbs of fat is pretty insignificant, and they want faster results than this.

However, 1-2 lbs of fat loss is far from insignificant.

To help me communicate this to my clients, I purchased a replica of 1lb of fat.

Since then, my clients have been thrilled with their fat loss.

If you are unsure what a 1 lb of fat looks like, check out my 60 seconds video below.

If you are working with clients who want to drop body fat, I recommend purchasing a replica like this.

They are a great visual tool for motivation.

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