What does a pound of fat look like?

Motivated clients want to lose as much fat as they can in the shortest time possible. But what does a pound of fat look like?

The ACSM state that the maximum amount of fat that you can lose each week without the risk of muscle loss is 1-2lbs.

Often clients will believe that 1-2lbs of fat is pretty insignificant, and they want faster results than this.

However, 1-2 lbs of fat loss is far from insignificant.

To help me communicate this to my clients, I purchased a replica of 1lb of fat.

Since then, my clients have been thrilled with their fat loss.

If you are unsure what a 1 lb of fat looks like, check out my 60 seconds video below.

If you are working with clients who want to drop body fat, I recommend purchasing a replica like this.

They are a great visual tool for motivation.

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