Top 5 tips to mastering your New Years Resolutions

Top 5 tips to mastering your new years resolutions

New Years is not just about reflecting on the past 12 months, it’s also about looking forward and setting a vision for where you want to be in the future. Specifically, this time next year.

Use the occasion to recalibrate, revise your goals and put you on the right course, as well as to make a promise to yourself to change any unproductive habits you may have picked up along the way.

However, to make a noticeable impact on your life, you need to do more than simply stick list of ‘resolutions’ to your bathroom mirror. If it was that easy, everyone would be rich and have washboard abs. 😜

Follow these top five tips to master your new years resolutions and put yourself in the best position to succeed, whatever your goals are.

If implemented correctly, 2018 is going to be one to remember!


Don’t try and change too much at once.

It will split your focus, dilute your energy and reduce the chances that you’ll see your resolutions through.

Instead, pick fewer but bigger resolutions that you can break down into milestones. These milestones will make lofty ambitions seem more manageable – as well as allowing you to monitor your progress throughout the year.


To achieve lasting change, it’s essential that you have a plan!

Start by doing some research and ensuring you have the knowledge and resources available to succeed. Buy some books on the subject, follow the right instagrammers, subscribe to the relevant YouTube channels or enrol in a course

Understand the steps you need to take and the equipment you need to have, to achieve your goals* and then crucially, WRITE THEM DOWN!

*if you do your shopping in advance, you are less likely to make excuses when it comes to starting.


There will no-doubt be some roadblocks on the new journey you have plotted for yourself. The best way to overcome them, is to anticipate them.

As part of your plan, list all the things that could possibly get in the way of hitting your milestones (it may be other people, busy schedules or moments of weak will), as well as how you would manage these occasions. 

If you know the things that are likely to slow down your progress, you are far more likely to overcome them when they appear.


It doesn’t have to be New Years Day.

Pick a date to implement your resolutions that you know you are going to be ready for. A date when you will be well-rested, enthusiastic and both mentally and physically prepared (see no.2).

On that day, commit fully and have your written plan somewhere accessible that you can read frequently – that notebook you always carry in your gym bag or typed it into your phone.

Tell yourself that this is a turning point and, from this day forward, nothing is going to stop you realising your goals.


If at any point you fall off the waggon or slip back into old habits – that’s absolutely fine. The key is to learn to accept it and get back on track.

You can actually use a set-back to propel you even further along in the right direction by making a note of the triggers that caused you to waiver and learning from them to prevent bigger slips in the future.

In the same vein, don’t forget to reward yourself when you hit your targets and meet milestones. Planning rewards and treats in advance – a weekend away, some new kit, a day off… whatever motivates you – can help you stay the course for longer.

Above all, remember that consistency and perseverance are key to changing any behaviour, lifestyle or habits. We know you can do it.

Whatever your ambitions for 2018, we’ll be rooting for you from day one.

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