Time Management for Personal Trainers

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When I first became a personal trainer, one of the biggest challenges for me was time management. I thought my time management was good because I was very punctual and filled my day being busy. However, I realised that so much of my time was actually wasted on tasks and activities that were not necessary or would have been better outsourced to someone that would do them faster and better than me. I would also forget to block out time to do my admin which meant tasks became urgent and stressful, working until the early hours of the morning to complete them. I had qualifications coming out my ears but none of them included any training on time management for personal trainers.
If you are a newly qualified coach or trainer then I highly recommend you give your time management some thought.

Time Management for Personal Trainers | TOP TIPS

personal trainer time management

1. Plan ahead and prioritise.

Before you begin each task, ask yourself, ‘is this the priority?’

2. Outsource difficult tasks.

If it’s not your forte, outsource it to someone else.

3. Outsource boring tasks.

If you don’t enjoy it, outsource it to someone else. Boring tasks can take so long to complete and drain the life force out of you. That energy is better spent doing what you love and do well.

4. Time block.

Block out time in your week to work on your business and complete tasks that have future deadlines so they don’t become urgent and stressful.

5. Use tech!

Don’t be a technophobe! Use low-cost software and apps to reduce your admin time.
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