The Harsh Truth About Weight Gain

weight gain problems

Ok get ready for the brutal truth… much as we would all like there to be an alternative reason for our weight gain and poor health, beyond the fact that we are not exercising enough and are over eating…. there isn’t.

As harsh as it sounds, people aren’t obese because their parents are, or because of the tablets they are taking or because they are getting old.

People gain fat when they are consuming more energy (calories) than they are burning off.

A calorie surplus leads to weight gain

A recent study even showed there is no metabolic difference when replacing one food for another if the total calorie consumption is the same. When both groups consumed equal amounts of calories there were no differences in several health markers such as: insulin levels, cholesterol and fatty liver disease, regardless of the fact that the calories came from different sources.

A calorie is a calorie, no matter where it comes from!

If you consume 2500 cals from healthy nutritious food and your total calorie expenditure that day is just 2000 cals then that is a calories surplus of 500 cals. If you did that every day that week the excess calories would give you an extra pound of body fat whether the foods they came from were nutritious or not. Excess energy equals excess fat.

Admittedly,  there are various factors that make it more difficult to burn off more calories than you are consuming, such as genetics, and psychological issues, but none that make it impossible.

If you are unhappy with your general health, wellbeing and current weight – accept this and take action. Don’t look for excuses, instead look for solutions as there are plenty out there.

Consume less and exercise more. In the words of Charles Polquin ‘leave the excuses for the pregnant nuns’.

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