Four minutes to change your life | Tabata training

What is tabata training ?

One of the biggest barriers we hear mentioned when people are excusing their lack of exercise is ‘TIME’.

We all live such busy lives that squeezing in a regular exercise routine can be a challenge. However,  research over the last few years suggests that ‘time’ need not be such a big barrier after all. Thanks to the discovery of new training systems such as Tabata training.

Why Tabata training

Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata found that high intensity training for just 4-minutes four times a week was more effective for improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness than 40-minutes of moderate intensity exercise five times a week.  Furthermore, 4-minutes of Tabata training can also raise ones metabolism and therefore aid fat loss.  If you currently don’t think you have time to exercise then why not try some Tabata training?

Schedule your Tabata training in your diary

Try any of the following to fit Tabata training into your busy schedule:

  • Set your alarm on Monday’s, Tuesdays, Thursday’s and Friday’s 4 mins earlier and train before breakfast
  • Shave four minutes off your lunch break and train before you eat lunch
  • Knock 4 mins off your evening telly.

Do all three and that’s an extra 12 minutes of exercise a day.

Tabata training example routnine

20 -seconds mountain climber, 10-seconds rest x 8 sets

That’s it. That must be the quickest exercise programme I have ever written!

Exercise should be a priority for all of us if we want to be healthier and happier, and better role models for our children .

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