Social media can help you lose weight

Social media can help you lose weight

Whether you like social media or not it can help you lose weight.  Weight loss is actually very easy to do on paper, you just need to burn off more energy then you are taking in. Move more and eat less but in practice this can be a real challenge. Especially if you are attempting to lose weight on your own and without any support. So Im going to tell you how you can lose weight using just your mobile phone and a friend.

STEP 1: Find a friend

First of all you need to find a friend that also wants to lose weight. It can be a close friend or even a work colleague. You are looking for someone that is reliable and that you wouldn’t want to let down.

STEP 2: Create a social media group

Once you have found the right person and they are ready to start this weight loss mission with you, choose which social media you are going to use to communicate with one another. Personally, my favourite is Facebook because you can set up a secret group between you and your friend that nobody else will have access to or even know exists. You can also upload pictures and share other useful resources with one another. If you don’t have Facebook then a WhatsApp group also works well. Once you have decided what you are going to use you must then set up a group and make sure both you and your friend have access to it.

STEP 3: Weight ins

Launch the new group by first sharing your weight with the other person and your weight loss goal. Then each week you must weigh in and share your result in the group. A picture or video of the weigh in works well. It prevents both participants telling any porky pies and they are nice visuals to add to the group and store for prosperity. You will enjoy looking back over these when you have reached your goal weight. Whatever day of the week you decide to weigh in make sure it is the same day as your weight loss buddy and stick to the same time each week. Think of it as online weight watchers!

STEP 4: Food Journaling

Now every time you are about to eat anything take a photo of it and upload it to the group. The group will then become an online food diary for you and your weight loss buddy. Without making any conscious changes to ones diet food journalling has been show to influence weight loss. This is because we suddenly become very conscious about what we are eating when we are recording it and we are much more likely to make better food choices and less likely to overeat if we have to record everything we eat, let alone showing it to someone else.

In this day and age everyone knows how to lose weight, as I said on paper it is actually very simple. You just need to create a support system for yourself that helps you to stay on track. Using social media for food journalling and weekly weigh ins could be the support system you need to finally help you achieve your long desired weight loss goals.

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