Should I become a personal trainer?

The decision on whether to become a personal trainer might not be an easy one. If you are giving this career pathway some thought then this article will help you decide whether it is the right decision for you before committing to a course.

Has exercise benefitted you personally?

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Has exercise personally helped you overcome an obstacle in your life? This can be in a number of different ways for example:

  • Have you lost weight through exercise and become more confident as a result?
  • Does a daily dose of movement help you manage your mental health?
  • Have you connected with others? and built some good relationships through exercise? 
  • Have you managed symptoms of a physical condition with exercise?
  • Have you improved your physical capabilities for sport or just day to day life through exercise? 

If you yourself have felt the wonderful physical and mental health benefits of exercise then you can inspire others, and help them to do the same.

Has exercise become a hobby for you?

Become a PT

Do you find yourself reading about exercise, watching Youtube videos about exercise, listening to podcasts about exercise and talking about exercise? If the answer is yes then you definitely have a passion for it. Think about all the jobs you have had over the years, did you find yourself finishing work and continuing to research everything you needed to know about your occupation? Probably not. Personal trainers do because we love it. It isn’t a chore, we genuinely enjoying learning more about what we do and how we can do it better.

Do you like helping people become more active?

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If you are reading this then there is a good chance you have already started helping people become more active. Check out the following list. Have you been doing any of these?

  • Sharing exercise videos on social media.
  • Sharing motivational images on social media.
  • Taking friends or family for walks or runs.
  • Taking friends or family for outdoor workouts
  • Taking friends or family for online workouts
  • Giving advice on exercise programming and technique to friends or family

If you are doing any of the above already because you like helping people and you have a passion for exercise then it’s a no brainer. 

You should make your passion your profession and you can:

  • unleash your true potential
  • make a great salary
  • change people’s lives for the better

Maybe that decision isn’t so hard after all 😉.

Don’t procrastinate any longer, seize the day 💪

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