Personal Trainer Resources

Personal Trainer Resources

Working as a personal trainer is a lot of fun, but it can also be very challenging. We have created the following list of resources that can help you whether you’ve just qualified as a PT or are looking for ways to up your game. Our list includes everything from tools and free software to great fitness books and inspirational podcasts and more.

Online Tools


This is a hugely helpful form creation software. You can use it create forms for your clients to fill out including lifestyle questionnaires, physical activities readiness questionnaires (PAR-Qs) and much more. You can then email these forms directly to your client – this is a huge time saver compared to having them fill out paper forms, and as they will be stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Facebook Groups

Create groups on Facebook to build a community for your PT clients. Here your clients can interact with you as well as each other, sharing tips and advice. You can also set up a private group between you and a client so you can upload fitness assessments or new routines, and to work on their online food diary. Social media can be a powerful tool for weight loss, so make sure you get your clients involved.

Social Media

As well as Facebook groups, it’s a good idea to get yourself on a profile on as many social media sites as possible. Whether it’s Instagram to share training photos or Twitter to chat with other trainers and clients, different people use different social media so being available on all of them gives you the best exposure.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets are a great place for writing out your clients’ programmes as well as recording assessment results and setting goals. You can share your sheet with your client so that they can have a copy and follow their programme.


Zapier makes it easy to use apps together. If you’re using Wufoo and Google Sheets, you can use Zapier to transfer all of the data from your forms on Wufoo directly to your client’s Google Sheet. This can save you a significant amount of time and hassle.


If you need an easier way to manage your enquiries and leads, Pipedrive can be perfect for you. Build out forms for collecting leads, then link those forms to the previously-mentioned Wufoo and you can embed it on your website or social media to collect all of your enquiries. You can then manage calls and meetings with potential clients from one place.


This free email software is perfect for keeping in contact with and sending out materials to your followers and enquirers. You can provide weekly or monthly emails offer tips and advice, along with a call to action, so that if anyone ever needs personal training, you’re the one that they contact.


It’s a great idea to be able to take online payments, either through PayPal or a similar service. Some clients will prefer to pay online rather than with cash.


The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition by Anita Bean

Any PT interested in developing their understanding of sports nutrition to read and then re-read this book. With cutting edge research incorporating the ideas of top nutritionists and fitness experts there are real gems of information throughout.

Functional Training for Sports by Michael Boyle

Written in 2003, this book is still highly relevant today. It looks at issues such as performance enhancement, conditioning and the most effective forms of training.

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism by Jack Smith and Sareen Gropper

Nutrition is just as important for your clients as the workouts. Getting a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of it

5 Star Service by Michael Heppell

While this book has nothing specifically to do with personal training, but it offers fascinating insight into how to provide superb customer service. This is something that every PT needs to do for their clients.


Ben Coomber

One of the longest established UK-based podcasts, this is perfect for any interested in nutrition and exercise – but especially personal trainers.

Underground Wellness

This series of podcasts has now sadly concluded, but with almost 350 episodes recorded, all of which are still available, there’s plenty of content for you to listen to. The podcast focusses on all aspects of wellness and health.

Under the Bar

the Under the Bar podcast is a lot of fun, with everything from fascinating guests to healthy eating advice and nutrition tips.

Food for Fitness

This podcast focuses on the food and nutritional side of fitness, with everything from weight loss strategies and meal plans to ideas to change up your lifestyle.

Mark Bell’s PowerCast

Funny and informative, the PowerCast podcast is Mark Bell’s guide to all things surrounding weight training, body building, coaching and more.

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