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Hi, I’m Jon Bond, founder and fitness director of Storm Fitness Academy Ltd, and sister company Storm Ultimate Fitness. I’m a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist.

Personal Training Coach

I have always believed that true health and fitness is not being the best at one thing but being able to function well, physically and mentally, with whatever life throws at you.

Health and fitness is my number one passion and although I make a living from it, I still consider it to be my favourite hobby.

Being in good physical health and being able to tackle the physical and mental challenges I have faced in my life has been great for my confidence and mental well being.

Online personal training with a Storm Trainer.

I am super pleased to announce that I am now offering online personal training as well as online coaching to PT’s, so I can help a lot more of you achieve your health and fitness goals wherever you may live in the world.

Check out my Storm Ultimate Fitness site. My storm Ultimate Fitness Training Programme might be just what you need to help you achieve your goal of long-lasting happiness, health and fitness. Alternatively, if your thinking of becoming a trainer yourself this would be a great insight into how the process works.

Get in touch today and let’s chat! 😀

Personal Training Coach

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