Nailing your fitness job interview

Nailing your fitness job interview

Having an awesome CV that stands out from the crowd is definitely going to help you get your foot in the door, but once you are in – the interview it’s all about you, not your CV.

So Im going to give you some advice on how to ‘nail that job interview’ helping ensure the best person for the job gets hired …..YOU!

Research the organisation

When I am interviewing candidates for a position, obviously I am looking for the best person to carry out the duties outlined in the job description. However, there is a little more to it than that. Spend some time prior to the interview reading about the organisation online and considering the following:

  • What are your values and how do they align with the organisation?
  • How would you help contribute to the long term vision of the organisation?
  • Do you believe in their mission and why?
  • How could you be a positive personality to add to the team?
  • Can you add a new dimension that will help the organisation grow?

Be punctual

This goes without saying but it amazes me how many people still aren’t punctual when they come for a job interview. I understand that trains are delayed, and traffic can be bad, but just make sure you leave home allowing enough time for train delays and bad traffic. Yes I know it means you will probably get their really early but take a book or spend that time researching the company on your phone. Just DON’T BE LATE. As far I am concerned if you are late you are on negative points before your interview has even begun. It tells me that you don’t value punctuality, you have poor time management, your not a forward thinker and worst of all the job isn’t that important to you.

Dress like a winner

First impressions are extremely important. Looks can be deceiving but rightly or wrongly we can already form an opinion of somebody before we actually get to know that person just by how they look.  Wear a clean suit that fits you properly, a nice pair of shoes, and a smart haircut.

Have confidence (not arrogance)

When you walk into the organisation and into the interview room make sure you stand tall and walk with a good upright posture. Smile at everyone you interact with, especially everyone in the interview room, and give a firm handshake to everyone your introduced to.

Remember your manners

Be polite always. If you are offered a drink then don’t forget your please and thank you’s.  Make a good impression.

Be likeable

If I am interviewing someone they might tick every box but if for whatever reason they just aren’t likeable then Im going to be really reluctant to employ this person. I need to be confident that my customers will like them, the other staff will like them and if I am going to have to spend time with this person myself then I need to like them. If you aren’t naturally a likeable person then I strongly suggest you work on this. Make it your number one goal because it will seriously hold you back if you don’t. There are plenty of books on how to be more likeable which may be helpful but you can’t go too wrong if you just demonstrate a kind and helpful nature, avoid moaning and negativity and develop a good sense of humour.

Now go and nail that job interview!


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