Muscle origins and insertions

All of our skeletal muscles have a beginning and an end. The beginning, where the muscle originates is called the origin. The end of the muscle is called the insertion.


The easiest way for me to remember muscle origins is to think of the end of the muscle that remains static during contraction (the anchor point).


A really easy way to remember the insertion of a muscle is to picture the end of the muscle that attaches to the bone that it pulls on. This part does not remain static during contraction.


The above statements will help you figure out the correct muscle origins and insertions. However, you must know your muscle names, locations and actions before you have any chance at remembering their origins and insertions. 

See if you can figure out the following muscle origins. Remember these remain static during contraction. 


Now see if you can figure out the following muscle insertions. Try to think what bone is the muscle pulling on.

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