Move yourself happy

Move yourself happy - the link between fitness and mental health

The link between exercise and mental health is fascinating me more and more lately. When I think about the happiest times of my life, they often involve physical activity and when shared with others.

  • Country walks with my Samantha 🥰
  • Kayaking, hiking and climbing trees with my son Jayden 🤟
  • Dad dancing with my girls Lyra and Betsy 🕺 
  • Summiting mountains with my mate Daz 🏔
  • Bike rides with my niece Nicola 🚴
  • Skiing with my uni boys ⛷

The more I realise just how valuable these activities are to my mental health, the more I make sure I find the time for them in my life.

The examples I listed above might not be your cup of tea, but there will be an activity out there that is exactly your cup of tea. You just need to discover what it is. 

When you eventually find out what yours is, you have a tool for better mental health.

Imagine if the entire world found out what activities they enjoyed doing the most and with who, and they made sure they included those activities in their life every day? 

What would be the butterfly effect of that, I wonder 🤔

  • A friendlier world.
  • A world with less disease.
  • A world with less conflict.
  • A world with less traffic.
  • A world with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • A world of connecting and bonding.

Find you’re happy

I challenge you to try as many different types of physical activities as you can think of. You won’t enjoy them all, but you will find some gems, I’m sure, and when you do, spread the word. You will inspire others to do the same.

If you want to know more check out our level 2 award in mental health awareness. It includes a bonus unit on exercise and mental health.

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