Long term benefits of exercise on the neuromuscular system

I love exercise. I know that’s a strong word but I really do. I couldn’t live without it, and neither could my muscles. There are so many benefits of exercise but let’s focus on those experienced by our neuromuscular system.

Increased muscular endurance 

Improved ability to repeatedly overcome a resistance. i.e Running, jumping, swimming, climbing, rowing.

Increased muscular strength

An increase in recruitment of motor units leads to greater force production.

Increased muscle size (hypertrophy)

An increase in our contractile protein actin and myosin increase the overall size of the muscle.

Increased energy stores

An increase in glycogen and creatine phosphate storage.

Increased basal metabolic rate

A increase in the ability to burn calories at rest.

Improved posture

Improved muscle symmetry and strength of core muscles.

Increase in capillaries and mitochondria

An increase in the size and number of capillaries and mitochondria.

Increased neuromuscular connections 

Improvement in motor fitness i.e coordination, balance, reaction time, agility, power, and speed.

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