Know your worth – Words of Wisdom by Sam Wilde

Know your worth words of wisdom by Sam Wilde

Sam Wilde Personal Trainer and Coach

Sam Wilde is a personal trainer and a coach and specialises in helping people access the freedom and abundance in life that we all deserve. We asked him to write a few words of wisdom to help our personal trainer graduates who are starting out in their new careers.

Learn from our mistakes

It’s been 10 years, many thousands of £££ in business coaching and personal development and I have only just begun to understand how to ‘be’ when it comes to training clients. When I first became a Personal Trainer I had huge motivation, passion and drive to help people get incredible results. Looking back, I’ve loved my journey as a PT but if I was to do it all over again? I’d change a few things which is why I’m writing this blog post so those on the same journey can avoid the same mistakes. I hope what I’m about to share will be of some value to other PT’s maybe starting out or, are already in the industry.


The beginning

When I became a PT I bust my gut, I wanted more clients, more money and when I was offered promotion at the gyms I worked at I took them without question. I saw it as progress, I was working more and more hours driven to earn more and more money. Before I knew it I was working 80/90 hour weeks and working towards my £1000 weekly target, I never quite got there though, I literally couldn’t fit in enough work with what I was charging and my ‘Job’ as a fitness manager was taking up a lot of my time. I was shattered, I’d have a bucket of coffee a day and fake my energy levels in front of clients, back then I was sure that coming across that I had endless motivation in front of clients was my ‘job’ and I couldn’t possibly tell them I was tired and demotivated. I burnt out, I dreaded seeing my next client and as for showing up for work, I’d sit at my manager’s desk and pretty much do a shit ton of nothing. I wanted to give it all up and do something else

Work smart not hard

A few years on and a ton of coaching later, I was earning my target income, working 20/25 hours a week and when a client would ask me “Sam how are you today?” I’d be honest, sometimes the truth was “You know what? I’m tired and I lack motivation today”Crazy to think a client coming to you for results would want to hear that right? What began to happen was I had a ton more energy to show up to clients, I increased my prices 3x, I didn’t have the pressure that I had to fake it anymore and most importantly, my clients were more open and honest with how THEY were feeling. The results I got for people went to the next level.

So why tell you this?

Well, the way I see things in the fitness industry is that we are hugely undervalued, not by others but OURSELVES, you’re awesome and you have to believe that. You get up every day to change lives and serve people and the world, you’re the difference between a life of discomfort and a quality of life far greater than someone would have ever thought possible. You’re worth more than you currently charge if you can create a place for client to show up as themselves and be open with you about their journey.


So how can we sum this up?

  1. Show up as yourself to your clients, people buy into YOU
  2. Charge what you’re worth and expect people to say no to training, remember that yes lives in the land of no, the more no’s you get to working with you the closer you are to the yes’s
  3. Invest in yourself if you want to grow and stay interested
  4. Believe you have the ability to change lives


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