Jamie Oliver’s Granola Dust

If you’re looking for a nutritious and convenient breakfast that tastes great then I highly recommend you invest some time into preparing a big stash of Jamie Oliver’s Granola dust. I saw it on his Facebook page and decided to give it a whirl and loved it. I dont know about you but I have to opt for a quick and easy in the mornings. In the past I have tried getting up early to prepare myself a nice omelette and occasionally even a juicy steak but it’s always short lived, and I eventually revert back to skipping breakfast or just grabbing a piece of fruit. In the last year or so I have religiously been having a smoothie every morning, which Im now a massive fan of but occasionally it would be nice to have a bowl of something a little more crunchy!! Thats where Jamie’s granola comes in for me now. This is the recipe below and HERE is a link to his video on how to prepare it. Let me know how you got on with it. Ingredients Porridge Oats – 1kg Mixed Nuts – 250g Mixed Seeds – 100g Dried Fruit – 250g Ground Coffee – 1 tablespoon Cocoa Powder – 3 tablespoons Instructions Toast oats, seeds and nuts for 10-15 minutes at 180c to intensify the flavour Put everything into a blender (or do in batches) and blend until finely mixed Pour into a jar and will last up to a month or so. Serve with fresh fruit, some yoghurt and a little milk – a perfectly healthy balanced breakfast. Cheers Jamie. Keep the great ideas coming please 🙂

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